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ARTIST: Metros, The
ALBUM: The Metros
YEAR: 1986


LINEUP: Jody Hanks - vocals * Danny Mangold - guitars * Andy Bailey - keyboards, vocals * Dusty Cox - sax, keyboards * Larry Stock - bass, vocals * Andy Gauthier - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 After The Passions Gone * 02 Am I The One * 03 Baby's Got The Rain * 04 Take This Heart * 05 Up The Ladder To The Roof * 06 Send Me Down * 07 Promises * 08 Baby Don't Let Our Love Go


The Metros were a power-pop crossover AOR outfit which originated from Fargo North Dakota during the 80's.

They add to the list currently populated by Mitch Malloy and Asia (USA) as the only other notable melodic rock acts from that fair state, though I'm sure there are more.

They were first known as The Metro Allstars, and released one album in 1984 under that handle on the small Minneapolis label Waterhouse Records.

The Metros eventually moved to Minneapolis/St Paul, and became a popular live band despite that cities pre-occupation with Prince and Husker Du during the 80's.

I first heard these guys recently on YouTube, and came away very impressed. The band signed to MTM Group (no, not that MTM!), and went to Tennessee to record their 8 track album. They even released a video to accompany the album.

The Songs

It's a big booming sound that introduces the band courtesy of their lead-off track 'After The Passions Gone'. The parping keys from Andy Bailey sets the 1986 tone so typical of the era.

'Am I The One' is slightly subdued, but really lets fly on the bridge/solo section, including some scorching lead guitar from the rather excellent Danny Mangold.

Another interesting feature of The Metros is their dedicated sax player. I know some of you will have read some of my other articles where I give the sax an absolute grilling.

Not so in this case, it works well, 'Babys Got The Rain' a good example, which is not so much Adrenalin but more Dean McTaggart's The Arrows, both bands themselves feature sax players.

'Take This Heart' jumps into the bouncy AOR/dance market, guaranteed to get the feet moving.

One of the highlights for me is the effortless AOR of 'Up The Ladder To The Roof', there's a YouTube clip underneath where you can make your assessment.

'Send Me Down' is a mix-up of styles. Organic in places, jangly guitar and double hit snare drums give it a sound fusing Rob Jungklas and Danny Wilde.

The sax makes a return on 'Promises', which sounds unerringly like a song I've heard before but I can't quite place. That chorus is so familiar.

'Baby Don't Let Our Love Go' grooves along in that same style of those aforementioned Canucks The Arrows.

In Summary

This would be The Metros only LP, and a good one it is too. As expected, it's steeped in that 80's sound, and would probably be out of place in todays 21st century environment.

In the where and now stakes, the band members have scattered high wide and mighty, though keyboardist Andy Bailey and bassist Larry Stock have since passed away.

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