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Streamline might appear to be a modern band, but they are all about old school classic rock, like from the 70's, think Uriah Heep, Lucifer's Friend and other organ-driven bands.

Streamline - Streamline
ARTIST: Streamline
ALBUM: Streamline
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2017

LINEUP: Gabriel Lindmark - vocals * Olle Lindahl - guitars * Jhonny Goransson - guitars * Niklas Arkbro - keyboards, organ * Mikael Planefeldt - bass * Efraim Larsson - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Freerider * 02 Barely Runnin' * 03 Get What's Coming * 04 Save Me * 05 Blind * 06 Pay The Price * 07 Talk It Out * 08 2nd Street * 09 Deliver Us * 10 The Good Samaritan * 11 No Rest For The Vicar

RATING: Score=85%



Here's a new Swedish band that appeared in my Facebook feed a few months back. They are linked to a previous defunct band called Diamond Dawn, who we reviewed a few years ago. Whereas DD singer Alexander Strandell went off to continue his AOR association with new band Art Nation, some of the remaining members went on to create Streamline instead.

When looking it at, Streamline might appear to be a modern band, but these guys are all about real old school classic rock. Like from the 70's. Think Uriah Heep, Lucifer's Friend and other organ-driven bands from that era.

The Songs

The band rumble into hear from the opening 'Freerider', and it's only a few moments in that we hear their potential. Terrific start. Streamline trip the tempo up a notch for 'Barely Runnin', the song-title a misnomer if ever there was one, because this one has the metronome set to stun.

The rhythm section drives 'Get What's Coming' hard, huge drum work here, which dominates from start to finish. The guitar riffs on 'Save Me' come from the AC/DC/Krokus school of hard knocks (plus others from that old school), so is guaranteed to keep things ticking along at a good clip.

I like the groovy feel on 'Blind', this style works well for them, sort of like Bam Bam Boys in their prime. Other highlights include the melodic but raucous 'Talk It Out', the steamy southern rocker '2nd Street' complete with slide guitar, and the manic blues rock of 'The Good Samaritan'.

In Summary

An entertaining set overall, but if you're looking for a ballad on 'Streamline', you'll need to look elsewhere because there isn't any. How refreshing. The album is self-released, and maybe a label might be interested in running with this band for future releases?

That remains to be seen. But certainly, if organ-driven rock with a modern updated sound and a Scandi flavour is something that might interest you, then Streamline are there for your listening pleasure.

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