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Melodic rock from Finland has been light on the ground during 2017, but thankfully the duo going under the handle of 'The Nights' gives us something to be grateful for.

The Nights - The Nights
ARTIST: The Nights
ALBUM: The Nights
LABEL: Frontiers
YEAR: 2017

LINEUP: Sami Hyde - vocals * Ilkka Wirtanen - guitars, production * Jan-Erik Iivari - drums, percussion * Harri Kokkonen - all basses

TRACK LISTING: 01 Welcome To The Show * 02 Nothing But Love * 03 Juliette * 04 I Will Never Stop Loving You * 05 In A Blink Of An Eye * 06 Hold On * 07 Elegy (You Should Be Here) * 08 Take Me To Heaven * 09 You Belong To Me Tonight * 10 I Wanna Be Your Superhero * 11 We Can Rule The World Tonight

RATING: Score=90%


The album cover theme should be familiar to GDM readers. Refer Zon's 'Back Down To Earth' and Valentine's 'Soul Salvation'. Both featuring an upward pathway through an escalator of sorts. Anyway, melodic rock from Finland has been light on the ground during 2017, but thankfully the duo going under the handle of 'The Nights' gives us something to be grateful for.

The Finnish pairing of Sami Hyde and Ilkka Wirtanen combine to form one of the more interesting acts in 2017. Their credits include Reckless Love, The Magnificent and Shy.

Both are songwriters, with Hyde having contributed to a couple of songs found on that 2011 classic 'The Magnificent' (please, a new album is required..) while Wirtanen has handled the production duties for Finland's best known melodic glam rockers Reckless Love.

The Songs

When I first saw the video on YouTube for this band, I wasn't enthralled, and like the recent Martina Edoff CD I put it into the back-burner. However, tasked with reviewing this album, I was pleasantly surprised as to how good it was overall, and heartily tucked into some Finnish fare for dinner.

One thing I can say, is the production is top-notch, and I definitely like the way their songs are arranged. I'm always a fan of heavy guitars with quality keyboards, as can be heard throughout, especially on the opener 'Welcome To The Show' which sets the scene for the rest to follow.

Foot stomping rhythms are the feature on 'Nothing But Love' which is complemented by a super-rich chorus. The guitars are positively sizzling on 'Juliette, and if I was a girl named Juliette I would be extremely chuffed to have a song like this named in my honour.

'I Will Never Stop Loving You' is the first ballad, which has a bit of Def Leppard about it. We're back to Rock 101 with 'In A Blink Of An Eye' that reminds me of Robin George back in the day, though obviously this is more modern.

'Hold On' is a smokin' rocker, and I'm astounded by how simple a song-title sounds so effective on the chorus. Notwithstanding all the weather event sound-effects preceding 'Elegy (You Should Be Here)', this one comes across as the album's most progressive moment.

Things are kept in check, and isn't as boisterous as say perhaps 'Take Me To Heaven' which follows soon after. 'You Belong To Me Tonight' is the bands best pop metal anthem, a very commercial track bar none.

Like most acts in this sub-genre of rock, I much prefer it when the accelerator is on, and so it is on 'I Wanna Be Your Superhero', with suitable chugging guitar riffs set to stun, and an absolute singable chorus. Maybe a theme-song for DC's The Flash TV series?

The album concludes with the harmonious global anthem 'We Can Rule The World Tonight'. Something the Zimbabweans and Catalonians should be shouting from the rooftops!

In Summary

It goes to show you can never tell a book from its cover, and The Nights have delivered something worthwhile from my favourite part of the musical world. This could be a sneaky bet to make my Top 10 of the year. Let's wait and see.

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