Warrior (#2) - Warrior

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Warrior was the shortlived project of Vinnie Cusano (Vincent) and three members of New England, recorded back in 1982.

Warrior (#2) - Warrior
ARTIST: Warrior (#2)
ALBUM: Warrior
LABEL: Cherry Red Records
YEAR: 2017

LINEUP: Vinnie Cusano - guitars, vocals * Hirsh Gardner - drums, vocals * Jimmy Waldo - keyboards, vocals * Gary Shea - bass * Fergie Frederiksen - vocals

TRACK LISTING: Studio Recordings 1982: 01 Boys Are Gonna Rock * 02 It's Not Pretty (Being Easy) * 03 Gypsy In Her Eyes * 04 Back On The Streets * 05 I Need Love * 06 Baby Oh Why

Instrumentals: 07 Betrayed * 08 Hot Nights * 09 Baby Oh Why * 10 Back On The Streets * 11 I Need Love Rehearsals Featuring Fergie Frederiksen: 12 Back On The Streets * 13 Gypsy In Her Eyes * 14 Baby Oh Why * 15 Hot Nights * 16 Betrayed

WEBLINKS: www.garyshea.net | www.hirshgardner.com | www.jimmywaldo.com | www.newenglandrocks.com


A phone call from one Gene Simmons (KISS) bought together the three remaining members of New England and an aspiring singer/songwriter Vinnie Cusano. Simmons on hearing that John Fannon had left New England got in touch with the remaining members and suggested that a certain Mr Cusano would be an ideal fit for them.

So a meeting of the two parties was arranged, but Cusano was not keen on carrying on the name of New England and not altogether enthralled by their material, decided that they relocate to Los Angeles and start recording under the name 'Warrior'.

Goliath was also considered as a name for the band, but Warrior it was, and for a brief period (no more than three months) the band recorded a 6 track demo which even in this short time attracted major label interest. But as is well known now, KISS lured Mr Cusano away for their own means, and that as they say - was that.

The Songs

To my ears at least, the songs, which I've had in my possession for some 30 years + are slower on this CD than the original cassette that I have from back then. Given to me by Hirsh Gardner no less, but they display a band who very quickly gelled together to produce a scintillating set.

The jewel being 'Gypsy' which has hit written all over it, and other tracks such as 'Boys' and 'I Need Love' rock big time. The instrumentals are fine for what they are and the Fergie Frederiksen tracks although clearly taken from a source too close to Gary Shea's bass are another glimpse into where the band were at, at that time.

In Summary

A strange time to release this, but with Vinnie coming out of his long hibernation recently, and with this release some folk saw it as a sign that Warrior might be getting back together. Not so, pure coincidence. If things had been different I'm sure that Warrior would have gone on to great things, but Vinnie's story has been told many, many times.

For my money a waste of a great talent, but someone who was difficult (some say impossible) to work with. Widely bootlegged but now 'officially' released this is an interesting document for something that the term 'what might have been' was invented for.

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