Fighter V - Fighter

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This is a Swiss band resurrecting 80's AOR in the vein of Bon Jovi circa 1983-1985.

Fighter V - Fighter
ARTIST: Fighter V
ALBUM: Fighter
LABEL: Rock Attack/Cargo Records
YEAR: 2019

LINEUP: Dave Niederberger - vocals * Marco Troxler - guitar * Luca Troxler - bass * Lucien Egloff - drums * Felix Commerell - keyboards

TRACK LISTING: 01 Dangerous * 02 Frontline * 03 Heat Of The City* 04 Fighter* 05 Can't Stop The Rock * 06 There She Goes * 07 Headlines* 08 Looking For Action* 09 City Of Sinners * 10 Into The Night * 11 Save Your Love For Me * 12 Turn It Up

RATING: Score=95%
WEBLINKS:Site Link | FB Page


This Swiss combo started under the Hairdryer moniker in 2009 and as such released an album in 2014, 'Off to Hairadise'. The music was, as you may guess from the title (and you know I do not like this label), Hair Metal, the 80's-inspired kind of LA hard rock.

Fast forward to 2019. With the addition of keyboardist Felix Commerell, who had joined the band in 2018, and new demos for this second album, a trip to Sweden in order to record with producer Jona Tee (H.E.A.T.) prompted a name change to Fighter V.

And they changed for the better, now playing catchy Melodic Rock/AOR not far from Bon Jovi circa 1983/1985 on the surface. 'Cause upon repeated listening, muses from other genre's giants show up.


The Songs

I'll get straight to the point: 'Fighter' has left on me the same impression as Brother Firetribe 's debut did back in 2006. Hooks, strong songwriting, inspired performances, a superb production and especially the mix by Tobias Lindell make me believe this is actually an 80's album, and a good one at that. Variety is also the key here, with the right amount of drama and epic moments as a plus.

The first couple of songs are great workout music, 'Dangerous' with a keyboard intro that grabs you instantly, and the outstanding, vital up-tempo of 'Frontline' that makes you stomp your feet non-stop. A soundtrack vibe surrounds the melodic attack of the superb title track and the hard rock of 'Can't Stop The Rock' with its dramatic pace and sharp chorus. Speaking of which, the fresh chorus of 'Heat Of The City' sticks to your head with ease.

'There She Goes' is perhaps the most classic AOR on offer here, a tender mid-tempo about longing for lost love. 'Headlines' is a breeze of fresh air, full of swing and featuring a delectable horn section in a song that evokes Toto. And if you don't think a successful mixture of Deep Purple and Van Halen is feasible, just listen to the frantic 'Looking For Action'.

'City Of Sinners' was chosen as first single, and although several songs could have filled this slot, this vital chunk of keyboard driven AOR doesn't disappoint. Maybe the harder 'Into The Night' was another good candidate with its screaming guitars, surprising keyboard break and piercing chorus.

Luckily, this time the power ballad 'Save Your Love For Me' was not placed as the third song as usual, but as the second to last. It pleases because it doesn't try so hard and particularly for a sober vocal performance. 'Turn It Up' is a nice way to round the album off with a song that combines a Whitesnake-like riff with a party vibe.

In Summary

There are two official videos on YouTube for the songs 'City Of Sinners' and 'Dangerous' respectively, and you can watch 'em there. Based on the strength of the material on the album, I have chosen different songs as video links. In my opinion, Fighter V's debut is one of the few cases in the rather dry and desert Melodic Rock and AOR scene of nowadays. Just hop into the DeLorean and take a trip back to the colorful 80's with a contemporary sound.


Can't Stop The Rock

There She Goes

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    Official video for 'Can't Stop The Rock' has just been released and added to the Video section of the review.
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