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ARTIST: Trouble (USA)
ALBUM: Trouble
LABEL: United Artists
SERIAL: UA-LA817-G 0698
YEAR: 1977

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: image image

LINEUP: Rick Failla - vocals * Carey Raymond - guitars * Jim Morris - keyboards * John Higgerson - bass * Brian Glascock - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 N.Y City * 02 Love Sweet Love * 03 Tell Me Why * 04 Oh, Set Me Free * 05 I'm Leaving You * 06 Stop! What You're Doing * 07 Everybody Needs Some Love * 08 Out On The Road


There've been a few bands who have taken the moniker 'Trouble' over the years. This 5-piece from Los Angeles who are a mix of American and British personnel were probably the first.

Formed in 1976, Trouble were notable for their membership both prior to and after this one-off release.

Bassist John Higgerson would hook up with John Hunter and The Hounds, drummer Brian Glascock was previously with British blues outfits The Gods, Toe Fat, Captain Beyond and would end up playing with The Motels and Iggy Pop.

Keyboardist Jim Morris would join up with his brothers to form Scottish band Balaam And The Angel, who would draw some success during the mid to late 80's.

In Summary

As for this one off effort, it's been described as a cross between Bad Company and Foreigner, though I'm not sure whether that comparison is to do with the music or due to the hybrid American/British personnel within the band.

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