Starmen - Welcome To My World

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Starmen plays classic hard rock and incorporates AOR, pop melodies and the occasional modern edge in a mix that is mainly influenced by KISS, Whitesnake and Deep Purple.

Starmen - Welcome To My World
ARTIST: Starmen
ALBUM: Welcome To My World
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2019
LINEUP: Kristian Hermanson (Red Starman) - vocals, guitar * Andreas Lindgren (Purple Starman) - guitar * Arjan Wahlstrom (Gold Starman) - bass * Marcus Sjoblom (Silver Starman) - drums

Additional Musicians: Andreas Eklund (Universe Infinity, ex House of Shakira), Christian Lundqvist (ex The Poodles), Kristoffer Gobel - background vocals * Peter Strandberg, Zacharias Ahlvik - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Dreaming * 02 Electrified * 03 Ready To Give Me Your Love * 04 Mayday * 05 Freewheelin' * 06 Mission Man * 07 Evil * 08 Stay The Night * 09 Face The Truth * 10 Rest In Peace * 11 Welcome To My World * 12 Warrior * 13 Freewheelin' (Remix) [Bonus Track]

RATING: Score=90%


Interesting band from Sweden whose members hide their faces under star-shaped makeup a la KISS.

Not much information available about them out there, even in their own Facebook page. Led by the former singer of Sweden's The Poodles and Cleopatra Kristian Hermanson, the four starmen recorded their debut 'Kiss The Sky' in 2018, which included a version of 'All Along The Watchtower'. All of them, with the only exception of Lindgren, were part of Cleopatra and currently play in the Swedish KISS tribute band Kissed.

Starmen plays classic hard rock and incorporates AOR, pop melodies and the occasional modern edge in a mix that is mainly influenced by KISS, Whitesnake and Deep Purple. What has really sparked my interest is how solid the delivery is and how well crafted, vintage and groovy the songs are.


The Songs

Hermanson's vocal chops are closer to Jeff Scott Soto with bits of Paul Stanley here and there while Lindgren is clearly influenced by Ritchie Blackmore.

The album starts off firing on all cylinders with 'Dreaming', a song that takes a KISS riff straight out of the 'Unmasked' days forward to the 21st century adding lots of groove in the process. And the same goes for 'Electrified', whose riff out of the Ace Frehley library circa 1978 is spiced up with funky leanings and a slight modern edge in the vocal department.

The Who meets AC/DC for 'Ready To Give Me Your Love' meanwhile an oriental beat surrounds the environmentally-oriented 'Mayday'.

Another highlight comes in the form of the catchy and airy 'Freewheelin'' with its Deep Purple-like riff where the hi-hat pattern recalls Ian Paice. 'Mission Man' is funky and reminiscent of Purple's Stormbringer days, while the heavy, dark and sinister 'Evil', with processed vocals and a bluesy twist, is still fairly melodic.

The piano ballad 'Stay The Night' is a nice shift in gear before the 16th note, Ozzy-inspired riff of 'Face The Truth' speeds the pace up and features an inspired guitar solo . Then the funky and bluesy 'Rest In Peace' sounds like a re-writing of the 'Route 66' riff with processed vocals.

The album goes out with a bang, first with the Whitesnake-meets-KISS, foot-stomping inducing title track, and secondly with the vintage early-80's hard AOR, electric piano chords included, of 'Warrior'. Finally, a remix of 'Freewheelin' is included as bonus track.

In Summary

Just when I thought the Swedish Hard Rock and Melodic Rock/Metal scene had started to show signs of stagnation, out of the blue came these unknown Starmen that ooze class with this no-fillers collection of songs. 'Seek and you will find..' sings Mr. Gino Vannelli during his night walks.

There's only a couple of available video links to date, and I highly suggest listening to the full album from beginning to end as this is the way I think you can get the most out of it. At least that's the way I've been enjoying it for months now.


Ready To Give Me Your Love

Face The Truth

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