Platinum Overdose - Murder In High Heels

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Titled after the last track on KISS' Animalize, the album is a sleek slab of glam-infused LA hard rock with bits of sleaze rock, influenced by 80's staples of the genre.

Platinum Overdose - Murder In High Heels
ARTIST: Platinum Overdose
ALBUM: Murder In High Heels
LABEL: DDR Music Group/Tragedy Academy Records
YEAR: 2019
LINEUP: Steve Philbrook - vocals * Rick Mead - guitar * Matt Thorr - guitar, keyboards * Lance V. - bass

Additional Musicians: Lance Stevens - guitar (04, 09) * Glen W. - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Pretty & Punk * 02 Rise Up * 03 Need Your Love * 04 Red Light Rhythm * 05 Young And Wild * 06 Bye Bye Baby * 07 Black Widow * 08 Out On The Run * 09 Broken Boulevard * 10 Girls On Fire

RATING: Score=80%
WEBLINKS: Official Website | FB Page | Bandcamp


The brainchild of LA-based producer and engineer Lance V, members of Platinum Overdose have previous experience in bands such as Brass Kitten (Philbrook) and Canada's Syre (Mead).

Matt Thorr played bass for Mickey Ratt (an early incarnation of Ratt), Rough Cutt, Jailhouse and also provided backing vocals on the epic single 'Stars', extracted from the 'Hear 'n Aid' project.

The Songs

Titled after the last track on KISS' Animalize, the album is a sleek slab of Glam-infused LA Hard Rock with bits of Sleaze Rock, influenced by 80's staples of the genre the likes of Motley Crue, Warrant and Skid Row.

The meaty 'Pretty & Punk' starts off the album and it sits right there in the early 80's raw beginnings of Glam Metal. Anthemic is the word that best fits 'Rise Up' (written by Pretty Boy Floyd's Aeriel Stiles), a fist-pumping, headbanger relative to both the infamous 'Cherry Pie' and the reckless abandon of early Quiet Riot.

In the style of prime Warrant, 'Need Your Love' is one of the melodic highlights of the album and Philbrook let his Sebastian Bach influences flow for good in this midtempo, the closest to a ballad you are about to listen here.

'Red Light Rhythm' is Glam Metal 101, catchy and playful nonetheless. Things slow down a notch for the chugging, dramatic midtempo 'Young And Wild' while Scorpions-like guitar riffs shape 'Bye Bye Baby'.

'Black Widow' sounds so close to early Crue that I had to research and find out why. It had been written by Nikki Sixx during the 'Shout At The Devil' sessions and was later included as part of the 'Red, White & Crue' compilation. The song itself doesn't seem to take off from the verses, and only a handful of screams break the monotony.

Luckily, three enticing songs are saved for the end of the album. The thrilling 'Out On The Run', excuse the pun, runs like a melodious locomotive. The sleazy 'Broken Boulevard' steadily builds into a superb melodic chorus while 'Girls On Fire' closes out the album on a high note with its captivating, almost Power Pop hook.

In Summary

Nothing new under the sun here. However, refreshing as only precious few releases from the genre in this 2019. Singer Steve Philbrook stands out with his strong performance, reminiscent of Sebastian Bach, while several singalong melodies will get stuck in your head.


Rise Up

Need Your Love

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