Dee Snider - We Are The Ones

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This is one of the worst albums I've heard in a while and a total embarrassment for a man who once represented heavy metal in all its former glory.

Dee Snider - We Are The Ones
ARTIST: Dee Snider
ALBUM: We Are The Ones
LABEL: Ear Music
YEAR: 2016
CD REISSUE: 2016, Red River Entertainment, RRECD174

LINEUP: Dee Snider - vocals (we won't name the musicians so as not to shame them)

TRACK LISTING: 01 We Are The Ones * 02 Over Again * 03 Close To You * 04 Rule The World * 05 We're Not Gonna Take It (2016 Acoustic Recording) * 06 Crazy For Nothing * 07 Believe * 08 Head Like A Hole * 09 Superhero * 10 So What

RATING: image


When sitting down to review this latest solo outing from Dee Snider, I asked myself what exactly has he contributed to music since the initial demise of Twisted Sister in 1987? Failed projects like Desperado and Widowmaker? A forgotten solo album in 2000? Or perhaps his 'Dee Does Broadway' covers affair from 2012?

Whatever the case his output has been remarkably thin, content mostly to tour with Twisted Sister and plunder their stale hits until finally calling it a day recently. Immediately following their final shows Snider announced a new solo album, one he claimed would alienate the heavy metal faithful and had more in common with Imagine Dragons, Foo Fighters and Thirty Seconds To Mars.

In this regard Snider is correct. This is one of the worst albums I've heard in a while and a total embarrassment for a man who once represented heavy metal in all its former glory. The album is supposedly the brainchild of producer Damon Ranger, a Grammy Award winner who has more in common with Kanye West than Judas Priest. That should tell you everything. Just why Snider thinks at the age of 61 he needs to appeal to a pop audience is beyond me.

The Songs

This album is so appalling I can hardly bring myself to describe a single track. It's the type of modern, processed, wimpy pop-rock you'd expect from a teenage Disney artist. Most of the songs are anthems about overcoming the odds and being a winner, par for the course for Snider, only this time they're aimed at 15 year olds.

The title track is as close as it gets to the spirit of Twisted Sister, but even that's pushing it. The abundance of samples, loops, processed guitars and synthesized drums destroy the impact the song might have in a less artificial setting. In a nutshell that describes the whole album.

The psychedelic overtones of 'Close To You' are universally sickening, a take on The Beatles, with a forced smattering of heavy guitars. Topping it off is an acoustic version of 'We're Not Gonna Take It' which Snider continues to milk more than 30 years after it first appeared. I don't know anyone who can bear listening to this song in any form after decades of being overplayed and this is unbearable.

He also tosses in a cover of the Nine Inch Nails track 'Head Like A Hole' for some reason, trying to keep up with the hip industrial scene of 1994 I assume. 'Superhero' sums the album up, a disgusting song which relies totally on melody lines heard on top 40 radio, the music all processed, nothing natural whatsoever. Any metal fan listening to this will disown the man immediately.

In Summary

I listened to this twice and the sheer disgust I felt is something no musician has inspired in me for a few years at least. What's wrong with this guy? He claims he made this to reinvent himself and forge a new path away from his past. At the age of 61 I don't see the point.

His audience will always be the die-hards who supported Twisted Sister. Does he think the kids will be in a frantic hurry to snap this up? Not even my teenage daughters would be caught dead listening to this flop.

So if they aren't buying and his loyal fans feel betrayed, then this album will disappear quicker than Twisted Sister's re-recording of 'Stay Hungry.' Remember when Snider used to be a rebel defending metal against the PMRC? Neither do I. A CD for target practice only.

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    dtabachndtabachn Buenos Aires, Argentina
    I finally found a zero rating. I was listening to Twisted Sister's' 'Come Out And Play' and run a search on related albums. Haven't heard this album. Should I give it a try just out of curiosity? The review is very descriptive, in particular the last sentence on 'target practice'.
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    gdazegodgdazegod Lostralia
    Snider was involved with the 1998 movie 'Strangeland' where he acted in it and wrote the script.

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