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'Reunion' is mostly hard rock with a few twists, factor in southern rock, a bit of hard core boogie, some Texan jukin' and swampy blues, and you've got a great little CD.

Whitford St Holmes - Reunion
ARTIST: Whitford St Holmes
ALBUM: Reunion
LABEL: Mailboat Records
YEAR: 2016

LINEUP: Brad Whitford - guitars, vocals * Derek St Holmes - vocals, guitars * Chopper Anderson - bass * Buck Johnson - keyboards, vocals * Troy Lucketta - drums

TRACK LISTING:01 Shapes * 02 Tender Is The Night * 03 Rock All Day * 04 Hot For You * 05 Hell Is On Fire * 06 Catch My Fall * 07 Shake It * 08 Gotta Keep On Movin' * 09 Flood Of Lies

RATING: Score=95%


Well this is a surprise! A coveted duo reforming and putting some spark back into 2016. The duo of Derek St Holmes (Ted Nugent, St Paradise) and Brad Whitford (Aerosmith) first come to our attention back in 1981 after their previous outfits were going through change and upheaval. That first Whitford/St Holmes 1981 LP was a bit of a corker and has many friends at GDM. In later years it became quite hard to find on CD, but that has now been resolved.

More on that later. This new effort was recorded in Franklin, Tennessee (southern outskirts of Nashville), and features former Thunder (USA) bassist Chopper Anderson, Tesla drummer Troy Lucketta, and current touring keyboardist for Aerosmith: Buck Johnson. That sounds like a gruesomely good lineup, and you better believe it. WSH is pitched at hard rock first and foremost, but there are twists and turns along the way.

The Songs

The opener 'Shapes' surely rips some innovation from the similarly named 'Shapes Of Things'. You know the one, Gary Moore did a version. The chorus 'come tomorrow' is repeated here, but that's the only obvious connection, everything else is different. Oh btw, it's not a cover.

'Tender Is The Night' is the lightest effort onboard, it features a violin part, but Derek sounds so soulful singing this. Very cool. 'Rock All Day' features a mean guitar-tone from Brad, and this could be one of the feature tunes here. 'Hot For You' is a swampy southern slice of boogie, from the land of gators and whiskey!

WSH rip into 'Hell Is On Fire' with some urgency. The tempo is upbeat, and the track is faster than a pizza delivery driver in a beat-up Toyota Corolla! 'Catch My Fall' is possibly the most commercial tune here, it sounds like something familiar but I can't quite recall what. Listening to 'Shake It' was like listening to AC/DC with the cork not yet popped on the bottle. There are some Angus Young approved licks going on here.

'Gotta Keep On Movin' sounds like a long-lost Godz tune, but in fact, this one veers south into Swampdawamp territory. Whoa! 'Flood Of Lies' is a bit of everything. The organ work from Buck Johnson is swimming in retro, the guitar is heavily overdriven without quite setting the distortion triggers off, while Derek's vocals are very clean and precise.

In Summary

As I mentioned, 'Reunion' is mostly hard rock with a few twists. Factor in southern rock, a bit of hard core boogie, some Texan jukin' and swampy blues, and you've got a great little CD. The package from Mailboat is not complete though, add in a bonus CD of that hard to come-by 1981 album and this two-fer package click here.. is the sweetest deal in town.

Whitford/St Holmes will be hitting the road very shortly, supporting Whitesnake on a few dates through their summer tour. Get out and catch them where you can. Refer details on their website, or on Facebook. The 'Reunion' is on!

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