Various Artists - Hollywood Hairspray Volume 8

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This is probably an album that is better represented on a website like Sleaze Roxx, but considering we don't tend to review a lot of these types of albums it's a good idea to do one every so often.

Various Artists - Hollywood Hairspray Volume 8
ARTIST: Various Artists
ALBUM: Hollywood Hairspray Vol 8
LABEL: Perris Records
YEAR: 2019

LINEUP: Artist line up, refer track listing below

TRACK LISTING: 01 Loud N Nasty - Stand Strong * 02 Morano - After The Love * 03 99 Crimes - Rumors * 04 Bad Boy Eddy - My Best Friend * 05 A.O.R - The Smartest Girl In L.A * 06 Rain Or Shine - Top Of The World * 07 Walker - Time To Party * 08 Collusion - Dynamite Mary * 09 Notorious - Notorious * 10 Nite Rain - Rise Up (Demo) * 11 Kill City Kill - Wild Brigade * 12 Mercy - Jet Black Romance * 13 Voodoo Moonshine - Give It To Me * 14 Affaire - Highway Affair

RATING: Score=85%


Over the years we have seen a number of record labels release a series of compilation albums in succession. In the past we have seen efforts from Shrapnel Records and also Metal Blade Records who have released volumes over a number of years. I'm sure there were other labels as well.

Many decades later Perris Records have jumped in on the act, releasing their Hair Spray Metal volumes. I've just received volume 8 through the email so there were obviously seven before this one.

Looking at the assembled line up, I would guess that 85% of the acts on this album are definitely glam and hair metal oriented. But there's a few that aren't, my guess is that they are signed to the record label and they have just lumped them onto the album along with everything else.

The Songs

OK, let's take it from the top.

Loud N Nasty - Stand Strong
This is a good likeable opener, like early debut EP era Ratt, coupled with that late 80's vibe and attitude, a la Pretty Boy Floyd and Mariah.

Morano - After The Love
These guys released an album for Perris earlier in 2019, and it's one we should've picked up on. Vocally, there's some Danger Danger plus some Danny Vaughan inspired goodness (he is actually singing BTW). Some synths in there too. Pretty good band by the sounds of it, with a connection to Glory Daze fave Bryan Cole.

99 Crimes - Rumors
A workman like effort from 99 Crimes. The lead vocals are decent, so too the harmonies. Overall there's a load of chugging guitar and a vibe that smells Jetboy.

Bad Boy Eddy - My Best Friend
Fairly cliched in the lyrics dept, lots of 'oh yeahs', 'baby', 'alright', and musically lacking that killer punch to send it over the edge.

A.O.R - The Smartest Girl In L.A
We all know this project, from Frenchman Frédéric Slama. He's been all over the record label landscape, and now ends up at Perris. L.A still seems to be the focus, but glam and hair metal this isn't. It's AOR in name and music.

Rain Or Shine - Top Of The World
This Greek band was one we reviewed back in 2014. This is another that is mostly AOR and not glam/hair metal. These guys released a new album on Perris in 2019, that's why it's here. It's a good track, hmm, might need to listen to the whole album I think.

Walker - Time To Party
An Irish band at the heavier end of the spectrum, sort of like Spread Eagle. I'd like to hear some more of these guys as they are very 80's oriented judging by their lyrics.

Collusion - Dynamite Mary
Quite an impressive sounding band if that intro was anything to go by. Poor ol' Mary gets a decent character assassination, no wallflower by the sounds of it. Another band I'd like to give a further listen to.

Notorious - Notorious
Dave T reviewed these Norwegians earlier in the year, and gave them a decent enough analysis. Lots of high flying glam metal on display here, similar to early era Motley Crue with Malmsteen like guitar solos. Compared to what's gone before, these guys are bonafide glam metallers!

Nite Rain - Rise Up (Demo)
Despite the demo quality, Nite Rain are another that live dead-center of sleaze and glam. The guitar solo sounded a bit hokey though, especially the use of the wah-wah pedal.

Kill City Kill - Wild Brigade
As Kelv Hellrazer would say: 'watch out, the ambulance chasers are coming!' You hear the night-time urban soundscape during the intro, these boys decked out in black leathers, razor blades and tough as fuck by the sounds of things!

Mercy - Jet Black Romance
Love the song title, and Mercy deliver in spades. It' s all about attitude, and these two guys have got it all. The sound is heavy, gritty and dirty, relentless too. Not sure I could handle a full album of this, but wow, it sounds great! Another to check out further.

Voodoo Moonshine - Give It To Me
These guys sound positively pop metal when compared to the previous track. They are however - blessed with a fairly decent lead vocalist, though the song itself is good but not great.

Affaire - Highway Affair
This is a Portuguese band who have been around for a number of years. Previously signed to Demon Doll Records for their first record, Perris picked them up for the second, released back in April 2019. Reasonable track, hampered by a poor drum mix. For fans of Vain and L.A Guns.

In Summary

This is probably an album that is better represented on a website like Sleaze Roxx, but considering we don't tend to review a lot of these types of albums it's a good idea to do one every so often, so maybe we might be inclined to do another one sooner rather than later.

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