Gasolin' - Efter Endunu Ed Dag

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Going through the band's albums, three were produced by the illustrious Roy Thomas Baker, including this their final album 'Efter Endnu En Dag' ('After Yet Another Day') of which there is plenty of good rock n' roll to be found.

Gasolin - Efter Endunu Ed Dag
ARTIST: Gasolin'
ALBUM: Efter Endunu Ed Dag
YEAR: 1976

LINEUP: Kim Larsen - vocals * Franz Beckerlee - guitars * Wili Jonsson - bass * Soren Berlev - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Pilli Villi * 02 Mamma Cu Cu * 03 Bella Donna * 04 Kolden Drejer Stille Rundt * 05 De Gule Enker * 06 Sirenesangen * 07 Twilight Birds * 08 Tantes Foto * 09 De Fem Arstider * 10 Pas Da Svinget I Solrod * 11 Stenalderjazz * 12 This Is My Life


Formed in Copenhagen in 1969, Gasolin' were hugely popular in their native Denmark and most of Scandinavia. Despite the fact Denmark is one of Europe's smaller nations, the bands record sales on their home turf were quite impressive and to this day Gasolin' are still the most successful rock band the country ever produced. There was even a Gasolin' movie reportedly along the lines of The Beatles 'A Hard Day's Night' among other activities of pure capitalistic cash-in.

'Gasolinmania' was all the rage and the hype didn't go unnoticed outside of Denmark. A few shady American concert promoters brought the band over to the States to capitalize on the Scandinavian foursome's craziness, but the tour went bust and eventually lead to the break-up of the band. In hindsight it wasn't meant to be, but going through the band's albums, three of which were produced by the illustrious Roy Thomas Baker, including their final album 'Efter Endnu En Dag' ('After Yet Another Day') there is plenty of good rock n' roll to be found.

The Songs

'Efter Endnu En Dag' is the most experimental album of the Gasolin' catalog. Fresh from Queen's 'A Night At The Opera' sessions, Roy Thomas Baker tried to bring Gasolin' into the progressive rock world with some success, although a few hardcore fans found the change in style difficult to take.

What surprises me is that the album has been called 'Denmark's Sergeant Pepper's'? I really can't understand the comparison since I have heard other Danish prog albums, including records by Ache and Blast Furnace which lean more to The Beatles sound and attitude than anything found here, but to each his own I guess.

All in all 'Efter Endnu En Dag' is a fun listen, although a knowledge of Danish might further your enjoyment of the record. There are a couple tunes in English; 'Twilight Birds' and 'This Is My Life' and the overall Gasolin' sound can be compared to Stackridge, Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel and the Electric Light Orchestra.

There are some very experimental pieces here, including 'Stenaderjazz', a classical opus and 'Bella Donna' which owes much to Queen's 'Bring Back That Leroy Brown' and I imagine Baker took some artistic license on this one! The old Gasolin' sound can be found here and there, especially on the boogie rock opener 'Pilli Villi' but the group were definitely on to something with the new sound, it's just too bad they couldn't hold out for a follow-up.

In Summary

Vocalist Kim Larsen seems to be very popular in Denmark as a solo artist, while the other members seem to have faded away in the mists of time. All the band's albums have been reissued on CD in and if you were to buy just one, this album should be all the Gasolin' you'll ever need.

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