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The Limousine LP is a quirky affair with all the pre-requisite 70's pop attributes, we get lots of stabbing piano work and light and fluffy passages, good comparisons could be early Lake or perhaps Shabby Tiger.

Limousine (Holland) - Limousine
ARTIST: Limousine (Holland)
ALBUM: Limousine
LABEL: Pye, Ariola
SERIAL: GT 27378
YEAR: 1976

LINEUP: Okkie Huysdens - vocals, bass, keyboards * Paul Vink - keyboards * Mac Sell - guitars * Ton op 't Hof - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 America * 02 Goodbye And Thank You * 03 The Impossible Story Of Henry Tricot * 04 Holy Spirit * 05 I Got A Friend For Life * 06 Don't Let Love Bring You Down * 07 Why * 08 Hey Mama * 09 Daddy Grandpa


Not to be confused with the Las Vegas based outfit from the 80's which saw a recent re-release on Retrospect Records. No, this Limousine parked up on the other side of the Atlantic, Rotterdam Holland to be precise. The name Okkie Huysdens should ring a bell, if you are a historian of Nederpop and all the things rockin' Dutch! Limousine came together in 1975, with most of the band membership from a band called Heart.

Yes, lots of familiar name association here, but this Dutch version of Heart were in action between 1973-1975. Huysdens, Sell and op 't Hof left that band and joined forces with keyboardist Paul Vink to form Limousine.

Their brand of 70's pop is well within the parameters of this website, due to the strong influence of British pop artists of the era. To announce their arrival, Limousine would release a 7' single 'Seventy Five' on Ariola Records, released in 1975 coincidentally. This track would not appear on the forthcoming debut album though.

The Songs

The Limousine LP is a quirky affair with all the pre-requisite 70's pop attributes. We get lots of stabbing piano work and light and fluffy passages. Good comparisons could be early Lake, or perhaps Shabby Tiger. At just on six and half minutes, 'America' makes for a lengthy opener, and is quite a boisterous affair to start things off

'Goodbye And Thank You' became one of the singles off the album, it's a semi-ballad with a piano emphasis, like a rockier Elton John. 'The Impossible Story Of Henry Tricot' is a pleasant short workout, followed by the very funky 'Holy Spirit', it's as if the band were inspired by Wild Cherry's 'Play That Funky Music' which came out about the same time.

'I Got A Friend For Life' is a great fun filled boogie in the vein of Foghat but more pop-oriented. 'Don't Let Love Bring You Down' could be pseudo TV music from any 70's TV show, not the best track here, but worth a laugh.

I skipped through 'Why', which nearly sent me to sleep, 'Hey Mama' is slightly better, with a groovy funky edge. 'Daddy Grandpa' was another single released from the LP, again its funky edge is the strong point, with some orchestral backing to give it that quasi-disco sound.

In Summary

Probably not the most consistent LP ever recorded, perhaps Huysdens thought so too, as he didn't remain long with Limousine, he was off before 1976 was up. However the band would linger around until 1978 but would not release any recordings beyond this album.

Huysdens would go to become a producer, he was involved with the 'Stars On 45' single, plus he become one half of the AOR band The President along with Kayak alumni - the late Pim Koopman. The other members all went off to build a new Dutch band called Geo.

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