UFO - 2015 A Conspiracy Of Stars

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ALBUM: A Conspiracy Of Stars
YEAR: 2015


LINEUP: Phill Mogg - vocals * Vinnie Moore - guitar * Paul Raymond - guitar, keyboards * Rob De Luca - bass * Andy Parker - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 The Killing Kind * 02 Run Boy Run * 03 Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun * 04 Sugar Cane * 05 Devils In The Detail * 06 Precious Cargo * 07 The Real Deal * 08 One And Only * 09 Messiah Of Love * 10 Rolling Rolling

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After the dullest album of their career in 2012's 'Seven Deadly' it really seemed the time was right for UFO to call it a day.

Rarely has an album bored me to that extent, dreary and lifeless hard rock with none of the spark which made UFO legends decades ago.

But here we are again with Mogg and co delivering yet another album which will probably have the same old critics frothing at the mouth, claiming it to be another classic and how underrated UFO continue to be.

In the continued absence of Pete Way on bass, Rob De Luca has officially taken over the role, if anyone is still keeping score.

This does nothing to improve the outlook of the band, with another forgettable effort sadly, even with well-known producer Chris Tsangarides at the production helm.

The Songs

I'll be honest, I could've cut and pasted the 'Seven Deadly' review and inserted new song titles and called it a day.

The problems which plagued that album have not been fixed and once again it's another unmelodic, less than heavy album with a slew of blues based and plodding tracks which never ignite at all.

The opening two tracks are the only bright spot, both 'The Killing Kind' and 'Run Boy Run' somewhat capturing the essence of classic UFO, but it's a close thing. Mogg sounds like he's forcing it and the usual character based lyrics seem token. It's downhill after this, with track after track of coma-inducing guitar work and rhythms which tend to blend into the same song.

'Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun' is a tired title and Mogg sounds like he can't keep up vocally even though it's mid-paced. Look I really wish I could say there's something to get excited about here, but for me there isn't.

If you could see my face trying to get through this you'd probably laugh, because it's abysmal stuff, the epitome of going through the motions.

I guarantee you'll be fumbling to grab a copy of 'Lights Out' or Phenomenon' after this. Even 'Sharks' seems legendary by comparison.

In Summary

It's almost a given this will be praised by the likes of Eddie Trunk, who seems to have an unhealthy fetish with UFO.

Realistically it's plain filth from a band who've been around long enough to know better.

The way most people identify UFO is with Michael Schenker of course and if there's any reason (besides Mogg being a pensioner) they can't make a proper hard rock album with some type of vitality I'd be curious to know why.

If you like being put to sleep by your music then this is the perfect antidote. Otherwise you aren't missing a single thing.

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