Lone Star - Firing On All Six

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ARTIST: Lone Star
ALBUM: Firing On All Six
SERIAL: 82213
YEAR: 1977
CD REISSUE: 2004, BGO (UK), BGOCD-618 (2 on 1 with 'Lone Star') * 2011, Rock Candy Records (UK), CANDY117
SPONSOR: Rock Candy Records

LINEUP: John Sloman - vocals * Paul Chapman - lead guitar * Tony Smith - lead guitar, backing vocals * Rik Worsnop - keyboards, backing vocals * Peter Hurley - bass * Dixie Lee - drums, backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 The Bells Of Berlin * 02 The Ballad Of Crafty Jack * 03 Time Lays Down * 04 Hypnotic Mover * 05 Lovely Lubina * 06 Seasons In Your Eyes * 07 Rivers Overflowing * 08 All Of Us To All Of You


This is second effort from Welsh hard rockers Lone Star, who in the space of a few short years created a buzz in both the rock and prog camps. Eric reviewed their debut a couple of years back.

The band, with a swag of hard rock tunes, Roy Thomas Baker in the producers chair, and Kenny Driscoll up front on vocals were a minor tour-de-force for their time.

By the time 1977 rolled around, both Thomas Baker and Driscoll were gone, their hard rocking stance moving to a bombastic near pomp sound, but really it depends on who you talk to as many facets of the hard rock sub-genre's rears its head on FOAS, including progressive rock and funk.

Joining the band was fellow Welshman John Sloman, the production duties picked up by Gary Lyons, a guy who went on to work with many of the best in the industry at the time: Trillion, Foreigner, Crawler, Champion (UK), Wet Willie and Eddie Money among others.

The Songs

Taking on a different track, Lone Star commence the album with the 7 minute epic 'The Bells Of Berlin'. I think it's one of their best tracks, and the synth work from Worsnop is great. I recall seeing Lone Star perform 'The Ballad Of Crafty Jack' on The Old Grey Whistle Test many years ago, and hearing it again brings back some fond memories.

'Time Lays Down' has a funky vibe, unusual to hear but not unexpected considering that there were six members with contrasting tastes and preferences. 'Hypnotic Mover' is noticeable for the barroom piano and the memorable chorus well well well..

'Lovely Lubina' a song about a prostiute is another likeable track, the rolling drum work from Dixie Lee is a standout. Moving on to 'Seasons In Your Eyes', with orchstral backing provided by Jeff Wayne and along with Rik Worsnop's electric piano keeps this one firmly in the ballad zone.

'Rivers Overflowing' is a return to the funky overload that we heard before, and what's with the stolen riff on 'All Of Us To All Of You'? I'm sure that Deep Purple fans will think that 'Burn' has reappeared in the most unlikeliest of places.. lol!

In Summary

With two albums in the bank, surely the festival promoters and concert organisers should've come calling? Nope, things dried up quickly not helped by poor album sales, and though a bunch of tracks were recorded for a third album, CBS pulled the plug and it was all over by early 1979 with band members all going their seperate directions.

Both Lone Star albums were reissued as a 2 fer 1 deal by BGO back in 2004, but more recently in 2011, both have been reissued seperately by Rock Candy Records, given the full remaster treatment. An excellent and underrated band for their time, it's great to see Lone Star have its time in the sun once more.

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    Really like the funkiness on this one. Such an upgrade on the first album.
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    An absolutely cracking album. I like the debut but love this one.
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    RkbluezRkbluez Rhode Island USA
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    Loved this album from the day I bought it on LP, agree it blows the first album out of the water, the song The Ballad Of Crafty Jack is worth the price of admission alone for it's killer guitar solo.
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    Yeah - I prefer this to the first, only just, probably because I owned it for a long time before I finally got around to getting the first. Top album, although Sloman's "Robert Plantisms" are way to the fore on parts of this.
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