Triangulus - 1986 Triangulus and Bjorn J:Son Lindh

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ARTIST: Triangulus
ALBUM: Triangulus and Bjorn J:Son Lindh
LABEL: Silence Records (vinyl), Breakthru' Records (CD)
YEAR: 1986


LINEUP: Peter Bryngelsson - guitar, e-bow, bass, vibraphone, vocal * Dan Johnson - synth guitar, guitar, piano * Bjorn J:Son Lindh - flute, soprano flute * Ove Karlsson - cello * Raimo Juntunen - musical saw, violin, overtone voice * Hans Bruniusson - d-drums, drum machine programming * Thomas Wiegert - drums * Lars Liljegren - keyboards * Henrik Cederberg - fretless bass * Ingela Trulsson - vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Exquisite * 02 Wasteland * 03 Ursus * 04 Sirius A * 05 Sirius B * 06 Digitaria * 07 Red Square


What seems like a hundred years ago, Andreas Vollenweider's sublime 'Down To The Moon', the dynamic 'Keys To Imagination' from Yanni, Emerson, Lake & Powell's outstanding one-off opus and 'Triangulus featuring Bjorn J:Son Lindh' are some of the very first prog releases I bought on the CD format back in 1986.

All have happily remained in my collection ever since although Triangulus while lesser known, is still the standout of the bunch for my tastes.

The group were a 'who's who' of 70's Swedish progressive rock and included members of Ragnarok, Arbete Och Fritid and Samla Mammas Manna - hard to pronounce names not normally bandied about on this website, but this is not you're normal prog rock album either.

The Songs

The seven, mostly instrumental tracks are very much a product of their time with programmed drums and typically 80's synth but that's part of the CD's charm in my opinion.

Contrary to reviews you might come across online, this is not a 'new age' release and while there is some of that subdued ambiance heard here and there, this is definitely progressive rock with a spacey jazz fusion, world music bent.

Legendary flautist Bjorn J:Son Lindh is absolutely the star of the show, adding his always tasteful signature sound to the percussive Middle Eastern inspired funkiness on opener 'Exquisite' to the Genesis-like bounce of 'Ursus' that could have easily fit on 'Invisible Touch'.

'Digitaria' is the only track with vocals, giving off a very British neo-progressive vibe and it's the discs most appealing cut by far, with the atmospheric 'Red Square' a strong finish to what is uniformly an excellent and recommended release.

In Summary

A second Triangulus disc 'Reliques' was released exclusively in Sweden in 1988 without the late Bjorn J:Son Lindh (he passed away in 2013) although ex-Kaipa/The Flower Kings bassist Ronnie Stolt was involved.

I never heard the CD and didn't bother to look for a copy either. Too many other things to buy at the time I suppose.


Triangulus - Ursus

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