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ALBUM: State Of Rock
YEAR: 2015


LINEUP: Peter Sundell - vocals * Ola af Trampe - guitars, bass * Christian Sundell - keyboards, drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Loner * 02 I Want The World To Know * 03 Nightmare * 04 Without You * 05 On The Run * 06 In My Dreams * 07 She's Gone * 08 In The Night * 09 Broken Heart * 10 Darkness * 11 Sand Up (bonus)

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Fans of Grand Illusion should be salivating over the 2015 project C.O.P, which features three of their band-members.

It's high-rolling melodic rock that only the Swedes can deliver. Christian, Ola and Peter are the initials making up the band name, with the music and songwriting quite hard-hitting, more so than Grand Illusion I'd suggest.

Peter Sundell is as captivating as ever with his high pitched vocal, while Ola af Trampe holds the house down with his iron-clad guitar playing.

The glue to the band is multi-instrumentalist and (mostly) drummer Chistian Sundell, who comes from out of the shadows as a songwriter of note.

The Songs

The album is populated with interesting synth fills, dynamic guitarwork and instrumentation that makes 'State Of Rock' less cookie-cutter than other artists in the same sub-genre.

It's quite astounding that three guys can produce such dramatic and layer-rich melodic hard rock like this. You can dissect all these songs and come away with a unique perspective.

I won't do that for you, that's a job you can do in your own good time. Highlights are many.

The lead-off 'Loner' has a mysterious quality, but everything about it speaks class.

'On The Run' reminds me of Treat from their 'Organized Crime' era, and is a highly infectious slice of melodia.

'She's Gone' is as majestic as you could hope from these blokes, a bit of Journey on the chorus (think 'Separate Ways'). That's just three, really the rest of the album is damned good, and all you need to do is commit 50 minutes of your time to it.

In Summary

In a gap year where Grand Illusion are not active, it's good to have an alternative featuring some of their team.

In terms of previous GI off-shoots such as Code and Decoy, C.O.P compare much more favourably than those two, but still, any breakaway or off-shoot project is better than nothing, right?

Find 'State Of Rock' at your nearest online retailer, and enjoy an early 2015 Christmas present.

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