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ARTIST: Voodoo Hill
ALBUM: Waterfall
LABEL: Frontiers
YEAR: 2015


LINEUP: Glenn Hughes - vocals, bass * Dario Mollo - guitars * Dario Patti - bass, keyboaards, orchestration * Ricardo Vruna, Vladimir Ruzicic Kebac - drums * Andrea Maiellano - bass

TRACK LISTING: 01 All That Remains * 02 The Well * 03 Rattle Shake Bone * 04 Underneath And Down Below * 05 Waterfall * 06 Karma Go * 07 Evil Thing * 08 Eldorado * 09 White Feather * 10 Sunflower * 11 Last Door

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We were around when the debut Voodoo Hill CD came out back in 2000. It seems like a lifetime ago, but thankfully the two blokes here have kept the flame going, even if they haven't recorded together in well over a decade.

Hughes has been busy enough in the meantime, with California Breed and Black Country Communion taking up any spare time.

The thing I like about Voodoo Hill is that they keep things simple and don't try to overcomplicate things. With Hughes still delivering the goods, it's a case of working towards your strengths; and both Glenn and Dario have enough of these in spades.

The Songs

Dario takes up the challenge and provides some heavier than thou riffage, and at times Glenn is trying hard to cut through the volume.

There are some trademark screams and his legacy voice is still returning a dividend. Admirable after decades of dedication to the craft of lead vocals. How he does it never ceases to amaze me.

Most of the material on 'Waterfall' sits better in the classic rock sub-genre from where I sit.

My favourites? I definitely like the heavier tunes here. This includes 'Karma Go', 'Rattle Shake Bone', the pumping bass lines of 'The Well', and the fluid rock of 'Eldorado'.

There are some less intense moments too, like the watered down title-track 'Waterfall' (pun intended) and the Beggars And Thieves like 'Last Door'.

In Summary

Released a few weeks back on October 16th, this will fly lower on the radar I suspect, so get down to ground level and give this one a listen.

It should please those of you who like your hard rock left of center. Classic rock and southern rock lovers should get some ROI from this album too. Glenn Hughes fans need no invitation.

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