Darkology - Fated To Burn

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ARTIST: Darkology
ALBUM: Fated To Burn
LABEL: Prime Eon Media
YEAR: 2015


LINEUP: Michael Harris - guitars * Brian Harris - drums * Mike Neal - bass * Kelly 'Sundown' Carpenter - vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Kill Me If You Can * 02 Beyond The Grave * 03 On Morrow's Break * 04 The Eyes Of The Machine * 05 Quantum Genocide * 06 Shadows Of Oth * 07 Fated To Burn * 08 21st Century Frankenstein * 09 Festival Of Fear * 10 Holy * 11 The Nightmare King * 12 Your Hollow Soul



Texan guitarist Michael Harris has been featured at GDM a few times previously. He has solo albums plus his band Thought Chamber written up here, and in 2015 returns with another of his bands: Darkology.

'Fated To Burn' is the band's second album, and features renowned mixer and producer Chris Tsangarides at the desk.

Musically this band are at the technical end of progressive metal, with a hint of demonic lead vocals thanks to singer Kelly 'Sundown' Carpenter.

Don't let the latter put you off, just think how Blackie Lawless has come full circle with his beliefs and music with W.A.S.P..

The Songs

As always though, it's usually the music that has the last say, and so it is with Darkology.

There are some premier moments, with technical passages underpinning much of the material, for which Michael Harris and bassist Mike Neal did the majority of the song-writing.

As you can read by the song-titles, there's an element of suspense, macabre, and devilish intent. So if bands like King Diamond, the aforementioned W.A.S.P. and a dose of old school Metal Church get you going, then you're on the right path.

The vocals from Carpenter are off the scale at times, this bloke can really turn it on, while the proven skills of the Harris brothers and bassist Neal are rock solid all the way through.

My favourites? The opener 'Kill Me If You Can', 'Shadows Of Oth' and 'The Nightmare King'.

In Summary

It's a long album too. 67 minutes, enough to whet your appetite, but perhaps too long for many of us olde folk who can only just get by with an EP's worth of music in one sitting.

Still, it's one of the better all-out metal albums from a U.S band during 2015.

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