Whiskey Myers - 2014 Early Morning Shakes


ARTIST: Whiskey Myers
ALBUM: Early Morning Shakes
LABEL: Wiggy Thump Records
YEAR: 2014


LINEUP: Cody Cannon - lead vocals, acoustic guitar * Cody Tate, John Jeffers - rhythm & lead guitar, vocals * Gary Brown - bass * Jeff Hogg - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Early Morning Shakes * 02 Hard Row To Hoe * 03 Dogwood * 04 Shelter From The Rain * 05 Home * 06 Headsrone * 07 Where The Sun Don't Shine * 08 Reckoning * 09 Wild Baby Shake Me * 10 Lighting * 11 Need A Little Time Off For Bad Behavior * 12 Colloquy

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Whiskey Myers is back with their unique brand of southern rock and heavy country music.

'Early Morning Shakes' is the band's third album, and their long awaited follow-up to the 2011 release 'Firewater'.

I was introduced to the band by a fellow GDM member, and I thank god that I took notice and invested in this band. If you thought 'Firewater' sets the bar then 'Early Morning Shakes' takes it to another level.

The album was produced by Dave Cobb, whose credits include Waylon Jennings and Shooter Jennings.

The Songs

Kicking off with the title track 'Early Morning Shakes', it has a great southern bluesy vibe to IT. The backing vocals, harmonica, and electric guitar set the scene for the rest of the CD. Cody Cannon has hints of John Mellencamp in his vocal style.

'Hard Road To Hoe' follows again with some outstanding guitaring.

'Dogwood' is next, this picks up where 'Broken Window Serenade' left off. A beautiful, well-written song, about two people that have taken different paths in life.

'Home' is the first single taken off the CD. Returning to that southern sound which was so familiar on 'Firewater', the backing vocals and dueling guitars make this a stand out song.

'Wild Baby Shake Me' is two songs in one, it starts off as a blistering riff laden rocker then halfway through the tempo slows down with great female backing vocals and serious shit kicking guitaring from Cody Tate and John Jeffers.

There are a few longer southern rock ballads on the album with 'Lightning' and 'Colloquy'.

They also cover David Allen Coe's 'Need A Little Time Off For Bad Behavior', which they have kept to the same format but recorded it in a heavier style and stamped their name all over it.

In Summary

Whiskey Myers have delivered the goods on this release. I did not think they could top 'Firewater', but they have on this.

The production, the mix the tight as a duck arse musicianship makes this a special CD.

There is something refreshing about this one, it has a feel good factor to it and you cant help just letting those swampy grooves take over you. I would give this a 10/10 rating and not a mention of Lynyrd Skynyrd or The Outlaws.

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