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Country rock band Frazier River comes highly recommended if you're into the likes of Restless Heart or Blackhawk.

Frazier River - Frazier River
ARTIST: Frazier River
ALBUM: Frazier River
YEAR: 1996

LINEUP: Danny Frazier - vocals, guitars Chuck Adair - guitars * Greg Amburgy - guitars, keyboards, vocals * Brian Baverman - drums * Jim Morris - keyboards, vocals * Bob Wilson - bass, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Everything About You * 02 That's Why I'm Here * 03 Money Don't Make People * 04 She Got What She Deserves * 05 Last Request * 06 I Don't Want To See You Again * 07 Tangled Up In Texas * 08 Birmingham Steel * 09 Heaven Is Smiling * 10 It Won't Bring Her Back


This band came and went, like the proverbial riverboat these guys spent their time playing on, honing their countrified light rock back in the mid 90's. The focal point being singer Danny Frazier, the band overall coming across like a Diamond Rio/Restless Heart hybrid. Not bad I hear you say (for all those west of Nashville that is).

Yes, Nashville is where they came from, but that's not where they originated from. Let's go up a few states into the heart of the Ohio, the band named after their singer, plus the location which gave them the opportunity to practice, and to play. You see, the band did have a resident gig on a riverboat, which turned over about a 3000 audience per week. After a few years, some of the A&R (not AOR.. lol!) big wigs came along for a Budweiser or five and a listen.

MCA snapped them up, amid the rush to streamline/commercialize the new country scene. Frazier River being one such entity touted to tap into that golden vein. The focal point is obviously Danny Frazier, a guy blessed with a fantastic voice and Hollywood looks a la Vil Kilmer. 'Iceman' anybody? Just imagine him doing AOR stuff, man that would be something!

From a religious upbringing, Danny has made sure that Frazier River are anything but, the sublime melodies delicious to listen to, the guitars sounding like Bruce Gaitsch's best work, and considering the Nashville connection (Gaitsch's home town) that ain't surprising.

The Songs

The songs on this album are delightfully harmless and radio friendly. The sort of album you could slap into the car CD player and get lost with for an hour or so. We'll pick a few out for you.

As soon as you hear the opening strands of 'Everything About You' I'm sure you'll be humming along as I did. Despite the negative connotation with the lyrics, 'She Got What She Deserves' is quite a bouncy/bubbly tune, the three/four part vocal harmonies making it a rich affair.

The balladry of 'Last Request' would certainly smoothen the airwaves with its honeydew like aural blanket. Again, those vocal harmonies are a standout on 'I Don't Wan't To See You Again'. The band kick up their heels on the sassy 'Tangled Up In Texas', a good rollicking workout that's kinda infectious. No doubt a guaranteed winner on the radio down there in the Lone Star State.

In Summary

Quite a nice sounding band admittedly, with Frazier taking the reins and the band dutifully sitting in behind. It seems the band sort of got lost in the wash of the new country scene however, but with talent like Danny Frazier, that would be name to look out for in any musical project/or association. Recommended if you're into the likes or Restless Heart or Blackhawk.

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