Tim Feehan - Pray For Rain

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In comparison to his other mainstream albums, it's not as heavy as 'Full Contact' for example, but not as West Coast as his 1987 s/t release, hopefully that will give you something to go on.

Tim Feehan - Pray For Rain
ARTIST: Tim Feehan
ALBUM: Pray For Rain
LABEL: West Coast
YEAR: 1996

LINEUP: Tim Feehan - vocals, keyboards, drum programming * Michael Thompson - guitars * Gene Black - guitars * Louis Sedmak - guitars * Jeff Paris - guitars, vocals * Chrissy Steele - vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Worth A Fight * 02 If Ever You Need Someone * 03 When The Mariner Sails * 04 Yo Te Quiero * 05 When You Think Of Me * 06 Mother Superior * 07 You Should Be Mine * 08 Lessons Of The Heart * 09 I Don't Miss You Too * 10 Pray For Rain * 11 Do It All Over


A six year gap between Tim Feehan's 'Full Contact' opus, and this one 'Pray For Rain', released on the Swedish label West Coast. It's a continuation of Tim's sublime AOR/West Coast style, and with a backline of talent to help him out on this effort, the quality and class is evident yet again. If you think about the artists playing in this style, only a handful stand out.

The likes of Stan Bush, Jeff Paris, Rick Springfield are legends in their own right, you can add Tim Feehan to that group, well respected among his peers and fans alike.

The Songs

Tim takes full control on this album; producing, singing, doing the keyboards and drum programming, while bringing in 'stunt' guitarists such as Gene Black (Device), and Michael Thompson. The whole thing is hi-tech as you would expect, and starts off in upbeat mode with the Gregg Fulkerson (Blue Tears) co-write 'Worth A Fight'.

'If You Ever Need Someone' has similarities to Stan Bush's 90's material. 'Yo te Quiero' has that upbeat latin flavour a la Roscoe Martinez, while the ballad 'When You Think Of Me' is truly majestic, befitting it's dedication to the late Brian Macleod (Chilliwack, Headpins).

'You Should Be Mine' is an atmospheric and moody piece, capped by the sultry vocals of Canadian melodic rock goddess Chrissy Steele. The duo of 'Lessons Of The Heart' and 'Do It All Over' wouldn't sound out of place on Jeff Paris' 'Wired Up' opus, even 9 years on.

In Summary

In comparison to his other mainstream albums, it's not as heavy as 'Full Contact' for example, but not as West Coast as his 1987 s/t release. Hopefully that will give you something to go on. Unfortunately, it's not easy to track down now, as are any of the albums released on the West Coast catalogue. For all Feehan fans, obviously a 'must have' album to collect, and for those still trying to track it down, good luck in your search.

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