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ARTICLE: Best Of Decade 2000-2009 - Dave T (dtabachn)
YEAR: 2020


I had not posted this list before, so it seems like a logical next step after the completion of the Best Of Decade (2010-2019).

Revisiting albums from the 2000's feels just like reacquainting with some very good old friends. Back then, I had the will and the resources (especially time) to investigate mainly the AOR and Melodic Rock genres.

These two genres were recovering from the dreadful mid-to-late-1990's while CD stores were still strong after having reached their global sales peak around the 2000 year.

The Albums

The Ten Best Albums Of 2000-2009

#1 From The Inside (Featuring Danny Vaughn) - 2004 From The Inside
Genres: Melodic Rock.
One of the best Frontiers-assembled projects ever. Danny Vaughn delivers a remarkable performance singing original compositions and surprising covers. 'Is Anybody Watching Me?' and the version of 'Damn' are Melodic Rock perfection.

#2 Heavy Metal Kids - 2003 Hit The Right Button
Genres: Hard Rock. Power Pop. Classic Rock.
A Rock N' Roll fest by these good ol' boys fronted by keyboard player Danny Peyronel (UFO) in their comeback. The contagious energy is beyond belief while the songs are sterling.

#3 Brother Firetribe - 2008 Heart Full Of Fire
Genres: AOR.
No sophomore slump here. The Finnish quintet achieved an Arena Rock masterpiece in the style of the early-1980's giants of the genre. There's nothing better than this for the purist AOR fan in the noughties.

#4 KISS - 2009 Sonic Boom
Genres: Hard Rock.
KISS have always been synonymous with singalong melodies and catchy Hard Rock songs, and that's what 'Sonic Boom' provides in spades. In spite of all the mostly unfounded criticism, Tommy Thayer does a good job here.

#5 Danger Danger - 2000 The Return Of The Great Gildersleeves
Genres: Melodic Hard Rock.
With Paul Laine on vocals and Bruno Ravel undertaking guitars, bass and mixing duties, the New Yorkers recorded a hot rocking album that contains strong, immediate songs the likes of 'When She's Good She's Good...' and 'Cherry Cherry'.

#6 TNT - 2004 My Religion
Genres: Hard Rock. Glam Metal.
The return of Norway's finest in an album that adds modern hints to their trademark Euro Metal and Glam Metal mix. Amidst the tapestry of melodic accomplishments, 'Lonely Nights' is flawless.

#7 Pride Of Lions - 2003 Pride Of Lions
Genres: AOR.
Pride Of Lions debut introduced Toby Hitchcock and his phenomenal pipes to the world. Arguably, Jim Peterik kept the spirit of Survivor alive and brought it to the 21st century on this AOR masterstoke.

#8 Terry Brock - 2001 Back To Eden
Genres: AOR.
Melodic heaven from this already legendary singer. The songs are first-rate, only a better production would have improved this highly enjoyable collection.

#9 Kayak - 2000 Close To The Fire
Genres: Prog Rock.
Mixing Prog Rock with Pop sensibilities, the Dutch band led by Ton Scherpenzeel once again proved why they belong to the major leagues of this style in my book.

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#10 Rata Blanca - 2002 El Camino Del Fuego
Genres: Heavy Metal. Hard Rock.
Hailing from Argentina, Latin American legendary neoclassical-metallers Rata Blanca reunited with their best singer Adrian Barilari and released a brilliant album with nods to Deep Purple, classic hard rock, AOR and power metal. A huge regional success sung in Spanish.

Honorable Mentions

91 Suite - 2001 91 Suite
Fantastic AOR in an early-Bon Jovi style from Spain.

Urban Tale - 2001 Urban Tale
The Finnish response to Journey alternate hooks with groove and Prog Rock leanings in a wonderful batch of songs.

The Company Of Snakes - 2001 Here They Go Again
The 3Ms (Moody, Marsden and Murray) with the help of Don Airey captured the real early-Whitesnake spirit as witnessed by this magical live album.

Kansas - 2000 Somewhere To Elsewhere
With Kerry Livgren on board, Kansas sounded invigorated and recorded some new, yet classic-style gems here.

Westworld - 2002 Cyberdreams
Brilliant modern Hard Rock release from the Tony Harnell (TNT)/Mark Reale (Riot) project.


No true disappointments I can clearly recall, only a couple of albums that did not fulfill my expectations. Maybe I was expecting too much from 'The Sign - 2000 Signs Of Life' and 'Journey - 2000 (Japan)/2001 (Worldwide) Arrival'.

In Summary

Because of the shift in musical preferences during the 1990's, the mainstream years were gone for the AOR and Melodic Rock genres in the first decade of the 21st century.

Correspondingly, most of the albums on the list are from what might be considered as small labels, with the exception of KISS (distribution-wise) and Rata Blanca locally in Latin America.

The noughties were also the decade where Web 2.0 took over the Internet replacing the first stage of the WWW evolution. The interactive, participative or social web has brought many advantages.

But I'm pretty sure there's a lot of us out there who, from time to time, take a nostalgic look back at those early, simpler times of the so-called Internet 1.0 when everything seemed new and there was more information available than ever before.

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