In Faith - 2014 There's A Storm Coming


ARTIST: In Faith
ALBUM: There's A Storm Coming
LABEL: Rocktopia
YEAR: 2014


LINEUP: Pete Godfrey - vocals, keyboards * Tony Marshall - guitars, bass * Pete Newdeck - drums, backing vocals, production

Guests: Brooke St. James, Chris Green, Pat Heath - guitars * Mike Corfield - keyboards

TRACK LISTING: 01 Radio * 02 Does It Feel Like Love * 03 Church Of Rock An' Roll * 04 Where I Wanna Be * 05 Addicted * 06 If That's What Love Means * 07 All Or Nothing * 08 In Flames * 09 A Million Ways * 10 Leave Me Now * 11 Bitter End

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2014 has been a superb year, and the Brits have played a large part in making it so.

There's been some really good stuff emanating from Britain this year, and the latest is this gem from a trio of veterans who have been around the scene for a while. Pete Godfrey is the latest guy to get a chance behind the mic, and one has to wonder what took so long.

The buzz has been strong for this album since the lyric video for 'Does It Feel Like Love' was released late this summer. I sure played the heck out of that song, and then the followup 'Where I Wanna Be', while awaiting the full album.

Glad to say the wait was worth it, as this is most excellent melodic hard rock that captures the spirit of the great artists of yesteryear with enough modern touches to avoid sounding dated.

Comparisons have been made to many bands, but the ones I hear most are Giant, Harem Scarem, The Storm (although that may be the album name and album cover), Tyketto, Steelhouse Lane, and Winger (a pretty long list).

That right there should pique the interest of many of you. Godfrey & Marshall either wrote or co-wrote all eleven songs, with Newdeck contributing on one and Mike Corfield on another (plus handling keyboards on a few tunes).

The Songs

'Radio' has that familiar opening of a radio being dialed in before kicking into a tough rocker. Great way to set the pace. You can get a good sense of the sound - the production by Newdeck is top-notch. Each cymbal hit is clear, like you're sitting right next to the drum kit. It's hard to have a great album without great vocals, and Godfrey delivers in that area. Pat Heath supplies the guitar solo for this one.

Next up is the absolute killer 'Does It Feel Like Love'. This might end up being my most-played song of the year. Great melody, great lyrics - this would have deservedly been a big hit back in the day.

'Church Of Rock An' Roll' is another ode to rock, and this one rocks along at a brisk pace.

The first power ballad is 'Where I Wanna Be' and it's as good as it gets. In a better age, the video would have featured the band in concert with the audience holding lighters (or cell phones) high in the air, interspersed with footage of a couple trying desperately to salvage their relationship. Brooke St. James of Tyketto provides an excellent guitar solo.

'Addicted' is rather dark lyrically, but the sound is not as menacing. Another winner.

The next power ballad is 'If That What Love Means', and I'm wondering if the guys are working through some relationship issues. This one seems to have a bit more modern sound that works nicely.

The hardest song here is 'All Or Nothing'. I wouldn't want too much of this style on the album, but the best albums contain some good change-of-pace moments like this. And this does show another side of the band.

It leads perfectly to 'In Flames', which is another stunning track. Both the music and lyrics are absolutely superb.

'A Million Ways' starts with some light piano, teasing you that this might slow things down again. But don't worry - this kicks into gear with yet another great tune, this one leaning more towards AOR than hard rock. If there are ten thousand ways to lose control (in 'Addicted'), there are a million ways to lose a lover here. Yeah, this album may have been some musical therapy for them.

'Leave Me Now' actually does slow things down, this one being an acoustic number. Although it would have sounded perfectly good in the same style of the rest of this album, it works because it is a singular song that deviates from the primary sound of the album (like 'All Or Nothing').

And it serves to change the pace somewhat before the hard-rocking finale 'Bitter End'. This is the second hardest song on here, although more melodic than 'All Or Nothing', and it far from a bitter end to this fine album.

In Summary

This album is receiving heaps of praise all over other review sites, and my opinion is solidly in line with all the others who really like it.

Great songwriting and strong musicianship are on full display here. This should appeal to a great many of you guys, especially if that late 80's/early 90's sound is what you want to hear. No doubt this will be very high on my list of top albums for the year.

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