Three Lions - 2014 Three Lions


ARTIST: Three Lions
ALBUM: Three Lions
LABEL: Frontiers
YEAR: 2014
SPONSOR: Frontiers Haulix Portal


LINEUP: Nigel Bailey - vocals, bass * Vinny Burns - guitars * Greg Morgan - drums

Additional Musicians Alessandro Del Vecchio - keyboards

TRACK LISTING: 01 Trouble In A Red Dress * 02 Hold Me Down * 03 Twisted Soul * 04 Winter Sun * 05 Just A Man * 06 Holy Water * 07 Two Hearts Beat As One * 08 Kathmandu * 09 Made For One Another * 10 Magdalene * 11 Don't Let Me Fall * 12 Hellfire Highway * 13 Sicilian Kiss

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The current environment in our genre is like a game of musical chairs, with industry veterans joining forces with one another, and occasionally a new star is discovered in the process.

Such a collaboration has resulted in this fine outfit, with Vinny Burns and Greg Morgan of Ten and Dare partnering with newcomer Nigel Bailey.

Bailey was an inspired discovery, with a voice that sounds to me to have elements of Eddie Money, Paul Stanley, and Jeff Healey. Others have compared him to other fine singers - safe to say that he has a voice that should appeal to a good number of folks.

The Songs

'Trouble In A Red Dress' is an instant classic. This was the first single and video, and I was playing the heck out of this in the several weeks between its release and the album's release. It helps that the video features a rather comely lass in various states of undress (all very tasteful, though). But the song stands on its own as one of my favourite tunes of the past several years.

'Hold Me Down' reminds me of Survivor from the 'Premonition' era, and it is a good summertime type of song. My one quibble with it is that I think it could use more keyboards. The keyboard touches that Del Vecchio provides are nice, but the song could use a bit more atmosphere overall - it's a bit dry-sounding. With a guy like that available, milk him for all he can give you.

But that's a minor quibble, and 'Twisted Soul' gives me nothing to complain about. It has a really cool opening that combines elements of both Foreigner and Def Leppard before settling into a song that Whitesnake would be proud to call their own.

The pace is slowed with 'Winter Sun', a good song that seems maybe a minute too short, ending without making as much of an impression as it should.

'Just A Man' has a sound I wanted to hear in the second song - a good amount of keyboards providing atmosphere. The organ sound works very well in this uptempo tune.

'Holy Water' is a solid bad-boy song that is very enjoyable. I mentioned Jeff Healey earlier - this sounds quite a bit like something he would have recorded on one of his earlier albums. Burns shreds a nice solo in this one.

Other reviewers have mentioned that 'Two Hearts Beat As One' is reminiscent of the Foreigner sound from the 'Inside Information' days, and I'll agree.

'Kathmandu', as you'd expect, is flavored with Indian sounds, all to nice effect. It's also the hardest song on the album, showcasing a different side to the band.

'Made For One Another', 'Magdalene', and 'Don't Let Me Fall' are all fine songs, although they were not as immediate for me as the others. After repeated listens, however, they ensure that the album doesn't lose anything towards the end.

'Hellfire Highway' is a rollicking tune that was an instant winner for me.

The album ends with a 'Sicilian Kiss', a pleasant instrumental that is not unlike what Triumph would frequently put on their albums.

In Summary

If you're looking for a good solid rock album with a British flavour and impressive vocals, you'll need to investigate this offering.

Nigel Bailey proves to be a fine vocalist, and Vinny Burns provides some nifty guitar work. Lots of good songs on here, nothing that I consider to be less than solid. Another winner for 2014.

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