Minor Giant - 2014 On The Road

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ARTIST: Minor Giant
ALBUM: On The Road
LABEL: Festival
SERIAL: 201407
YEAR: 2014


LINEUP: Rindert Lammers - keyboards * Roy Post - drums, percussion * Jos Heijmans - keyboards, vocals * Jordi Repkes - guitar, vocals * Rik van Dommelen - bass

TRACK LISTING: 01 On The Road * 02 Dream With Eyes Wide Open * 03 Lead Me Home * 04 Hand In Hand * 05 We Are Strangers Here * 06 The Last Road

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Here's a very understated, but cool prog band from Holland. Listening to Minor Giant, I was reminded of all those second-tier outfits signed to the Si Music label back in the early 90's.

Mind you, there's been a few excellent Dutch prog rock bands in the past; most have played in a very melodic style without going over the top. Prog lite might be a better representation of this lot.

There's a bit of Germans 2Hot4U in here, though without the heavy Saga influence of those guys. Other references from those better enlightened than me in prog rock circles include Spocks Beard and Pendragon.

There's a hint in their name thanks to the Flower Kings song 'Minor Giant Steps'. Perhaps that's the clue? Anyway, Minor Giant is the brain child of young keyboardist Rindert Lammers, who was only 16 years old back in 2010 when he first touted MG as a project. Very talented bloke!

The Songs

'On The Road' has a very organic sound, and the arrangements are exquisite. Take the 12 minute opener 'On The Road' as an example. A keyboardists wet dream, with nifty patterns all on show. It's not overly heavy, the mix is balanced just right, and if like me, you'll be trying to pick all the different instruments being used here.

Equally long at 10 minutes is 'Dream With Eyes Wide Open'. A wistful tune, with mellow guitar parts and faint keyboard passages. The initial vocal is run through a processor of some sort, giving it an old radio feel. Things get interesting at the 3 and half minute mark, as the song picks up speed and dives deep into prog rock territory.

'Lead Me Home' is another to provide a sonic feel-good factor, though at a shorter duration. It has a happy-go-lucky feel to it, segueing nicely into 'Hand In Hand', which sees the band really stretching out musically.

'We Are Strangers Here' co-mingles guitar and keyboard to good effect. It's restrained for at least two-thirds of the song, gradually lifting to a crescendo.

Without doubt, the piece de resistance is the 15 minute title track 'On The Road'. This one song could be an album in itself, and features some impressive playing in varying styles throughout. Spend some time with this one, it really is good.

In Summary

Six tracks, but nearly 54 minutes playing time.

There will be something for everyone here, as it traverses a number of sub-genres, but it mostly sticks within the progressive rock stream. No doubt we'll be hearing more from these Dutchies in future. Check them out.

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