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ARTIST: Ambush (Sweden)
ALBUM: Desecrator
LABEL: High Roller Records
YEAR: 2015
CD REISSUE: 2015, Spiritual Beast (Japan), IUCP-16229


LINEUP: Oskar Jacobsson - vocals * Olof Engkvist, Adam Hagelin - guitars * Ludwig Sjoholm - bass * Linus Fritzson - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Possessed By Evil * 02 Night Of Defilers * 03 Desecrator * 04 The Chain Reaction * 05 Southstreet Brotherhood * 06 Rose Of The Dawn * 07 Master Of The Seas * 08 Faster * 09 The Seventh Seal

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Here's a newish Swedish heavy metal outfit that are keeping it old school.

These guys first recorded a bunch of demos back in 2013, then recorded an EP the following year, which culminated in their debut album 'Firestorm' for High Roller Records, back in May 2014.

Since then, these guys have continued to astound. If you're a fan of Accept, Judas Priest and fellow Swedes Bullet, then Ambush should zoom into periscope view with ease.

When they ramp up the speed, it's hard not to ignore those three mentioned bands, but considering Ambush are relatively young, it appears they have studied long and hard at the temple of HM, and have graduated with full honours degrees!

The Songs

We're off to the Races with the galloping guitars featured on 'Possessed By Evil'. Singer Oskar Jacobsson has obviously sat through a few sessions listening to Rob Halford and Judas Priest, great first song. Powerful everything.

Love the riffs which fire up 'Night Of The Defilers'. Put this on slam-dunk volume in the car. Honestly, the vibrations will be enough to get you around town without filling up at the bowser!

The title-track 'Desecrator' gets things up to Accept and U.D.O speed. Fantastic tempo, all held together by a rampant rhythm section, and that voice again. Wow!

'The Chain Reaction' is the bands first attempt at more melodic sounds, and it works a treat. If they went down this route (a la Dynazty), then they could win a whole bunch of fans.

'Southstreet Brotherhood' has a lot in common with fellow Swedes Bullet, and I can just imagine that old 70's movie 'Warriors', when the gangs were all competing for turf in the tough streets of New York.

It's back to manic mode for 'Rose Of The Dawn'. No delicate petals on display here, just thick and thorny branches guaranteed to rip you to shreds if you don't look out!

'Master Of The Seas' reverts to the middle-ground, and with the title you'd be thinking of TNT right? Why not, theres a little bit of 'Knights Of The New Thunder', and the riffs are certainly 80's approved.

'Faster' adds some Viking like vocal chants, and the tempo is at the upper-end of the metronome. Another great effort.

The longest song 'The Seventh Seal' (at a touch over 7 minutes) is left till last. It's also the slowest song, but lacks nothing for intensity and power. Twin guitars etch out the backbone, but it's not until the 5 minute mark do they set sail for home, with an Iron Maiden styled gallop.

In Summary

I'm thinking with the late releases surge of 2015 in full-swing, our friends Ambush might just get up and pip everybody on the post.

This is some of the most commanding heavy metal I've heard all year and then some. With Oskar on vocals, his range is incredible, and we don't need to talk about the power. Take it as a given.

The twin guitars of Engkvist and Hagelin ensure that the HM legacy of the past is continued into the future with guaranteed assurance. Simply barnstorming stuff!

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    We will be reviewing this bands new album called 'Infidel' very soon. Added to the queue.
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