The Police - Outlando's D'amour

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'Outlando's D'amour' was the 1978 debut album for the English trio The Police, where they introduced themselves to the world with their fusion of rock, punk, new wave and reggae.

The Police - Outlandos Damour
ARTIST: The Police
ALBUM: Outlando's D'amour
YEAR: 1978
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LINEUP: Gordon Sumner (Sting) - lead vocals, bass * Andy Summers - guitars * Stewart Copeland - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Next To You * 02 So Lonely * 03 Roxanne * 04 Hole In My Life * 05 Peanuts * 06 Can't Stand Losing You * 07 Truth Hits Everybody * 08 Born In The 50's * 09 Be My Girl/Sally * 10 Masoko Tango

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This trio who became an iconic music identity during the late 70's and early 80's had an interesting start to their career during the 1976-1978 timeframe. You can read more about their origins on Wikipedia. I won't repeat it here because there was a lot going on in that three-year period so I'll just cut to the chase.

The trio spent six months between January and June 1978 recording this debut. It eventually saw an official release in November of that year. The Police did actually release a couple of singles before November, just to generate publicity but at this early stage of their career they were still pauper's, and one only need look at the budget they were given to record this album, a paltry £1,500.

However, they had a record label in A&M and they had the ability to turn up and play live and by all accounts they were a very popular attraction to not only the new wave audience but also the punk and reggae crowds.

The Police band pic 1978

The Songs

The obvious standouts include 'Roxanne', despite the broadcast nazi's frowning on the subject matter of prostitution at the time (put on that red light, you don't have to sell your body to the night..) It's an iconic song for the band.

'Can't Stand Losing You' also did good business though the cover-jacket for the single was disturbing, depicting a figure hanging himself while standing on a block of ice. Yeah right. The song, written by Sting was all about suicide. The third single 'So Lonely' was released in November 1978 but wasn't initially successful. It was re-released in 1980 where it reached #6 on the UK single charts. Record labels apparently did unorthodox marketing way back then.

I enjoyed the melodic 'Truth Hits Everybody' and the manic 'Peanuts' while the lyrical statements echoed on 'Born In The 50's' could apply equally to all the current day retirees watching the political nonsense going on around the world today.. It must be said, there are some oddball moments on the album which adds to the amusement value. One of which is 'Be My Girl/Sally' which refers to a blowup doll of all things!

In Summary

The album presented a promising future despite the difficulties getting themselves off the ground due to numerous issues. With songs like 'Roxanne' and 'Can't Stand Losing You' in the pocket, these would become staples of any Police playlist over the years. 'Outlando's D'amour' made #6 and #23 on the UK and USA album charts respectively.

Looking into the future, it was easy to see how bands like The Outfield and Novo Combo, plus a majority of the burgeoning power-pop movement were influenced by this first album and the ones thereafter. A precedent had been unknowingly hatched, though the best was yet to come.



Can't Stand Losing You

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    DaveTDaveT Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Three amazing musicians creating accesible music, the most difficult to write and record.
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    The remaining three albums we have yet to cover (Regatta.., Zenyatta and Synchronicity) are all currently in draft.
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    Bought this and regatta de blanc when they came out. A completely different sounding band to what i was into at the time eg kiss, cheap trick, ac/dc, queen etc. But I loved both albums
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    Great band who never released a below par album, even if they don't really like them all!
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