The Lickerish Quartet - Threesome Vol 2

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The second release, in a series of three from ex Jellyfish personnel.

The Lickerish Quartet - 2021 Threesome Vol 2
ARTIST: The Lickerish Quartet
ALBUM: Threesome:Vol 2 EP
LABEL: Lojinx
YEAR: 2021

LINEUP: Roger Joseph Manning Jr. - vocals, keyboards * Eric Dover - vocals, guitar * Tim Smith - vocals, bass* Jeremy Stacey - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Do You Feel Better? * 02 Sovereignty Blues * 03 The Dream That Took Me Over * 04 Snollygoster Goon

RATING: Score=90%
WEBLINKS: Site Link | FB Page


Hot on the heels from last year's 'Threesome Volume 1 EP', the ex Jellyfish guys have duly released Volume 2, once more doing what they do best, with a wonderful slice of sunny happiness for these dark times.

The Songs

The opener 'Do You Feel Better? 'has an air of understated grandiosity about it, with the strings being a deft touch. This is a summery, warm tune and as the title asks, it most certainly does! and that goes for the other three tracks as well.

'Sovereignty Blues' lies somewhere in between the easy listening sounds of The Beach Boys and the 70's vibes of the likes of ELO, and to make it just that little bit better it's got harmonies stacked up higher than your average Queen song.

'The Dream That Took Me Over', moves on a decade or two and is overtly 80's/90's pop, its drenched in synths and reminds me of French duo Air on occasion with its floating, dreamy ambience to it.

'Snollygoster Goon' brings it all to an end.. far too soon for me though, and this is very different from what has gone before, with its crunchy pop rock approach and an attitude that's really carefree, and had me drawing comparisons with the Power Pop Kings The Raspberries.

In Summary

A record that's guaranteed to bring a smile to one's face. This is top quality Pop/Rock, with some wonderful melodies and snappy intelligent lyrics. Can't wait for Volume 3 to drop. A great start to 2021.. long may it continue.

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Snollygoster Goon

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    I dunno , I'm not as convinced with this one. The starter Do You Feel Better to me has that Beck groovy background vibe to it (which is fair enough considering RJMs involvement with the band it's bound to rub off), but then it starts to sound like a stodgy Blur track - awful, awful, awful - - awful. Sovereignty Blues gets things back on track somewhat with the obvious Jellyfish isms as does the Dream That Took Me Over - groovy - so just dance .
    Then Snollygoster Goon comes along which spirals out of control, like it's trying to be too clever - pop sensibility upon pop sensibility is piled on each other until there's no room to breathe and it becomes a mess. It's like speed freak pop but not fun - throw the kitchen sink in the blender with everything else at top speed with the lid off - a fail - and a messy face to boot.
    The first E.P. was perfect breezy fun pop rock, this one I feel their step has faltered half is hitting the mark half isn't.
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    Late to the game on these guys- need to get on it!
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