Money (USA) - Money EP

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Musically this Columbus Ohio band are operating in pop-metal mode but on an indie budget, they sound pretty good for their time.

Money (USA) - Money EP
ALBUM: Money (EP)
LABEL: Surf Ohio Records
SERIAL: Money-1, 2
YEAR: 1986

LINEUP: Tom Weisend - lead vocals, guitars * Mark Chatfield - guitar, backing vocals * Shane Hunter - guitars * Kevin Marcum, Jeff Read - bass * Ken Kaplan - keyboards, backing vocals * Jeff Gastineau - keyboards * Rick Hall - drums, percussion

TRACK LISTING: 01 Shoot Fire * 02 Hollywood Blue * 03 IOU * 04 I'm Ready



In the long and convoluted history of rock music, there have been many bands named Money. That much I'm sure. This American version treaded the boards during the mid to late 80's and were fortunate enough to land a distribution deal with UK label Heavy Metal America Records, for their 1983 album 'Trust Me'. Please note there were two albums by the same name released in 1982 and 1983 but they were completely different with unrelated tracks onboard.

From Columbus Ohio, Money featured personnel from mid 70's bands The Muffs and Strongbow. The latter likened themselves to Styx back in 1975 and for which we reviewed some years ago. However, in the main, Money actually morphed from The Muffs who released an album in 1980 but then changed their name in 1982 to Money.

On this four-tracker, the lineup wasn't really settled at the time as they had numerous players guesting on the EP including The Godz guitarist Mark Chatfield. For this review we take a listen so we should be able to wrap this up pretty quickly.

The Songs

The big synths arrive on opener 'Shoot Fire'. This one is really good where the guitar work is more prominent and nestles nicely alongside the ever-present keyboards. More big bombastic synths precede 'Hollywood Blue', however the confusing arrangement with all the annoying background sounds makes for an indifferent listen.

'IOU' is the third up effort, and is an all-out rocker which is probably the best representation of the band. There's no keyboards just an abundance of guitars. The last of the quartet is 'I'm Ready'. The band have found their groove, the guitar quota is still high, but the keys make a return but not as prevalent as the first three tracks.

In Summary

The merits of this 18 minute EP are split into two. The keyboards dominate tracks 1 and 2, while the guitars tip the scale on tracks 3 and 4. Musically, the band are operating in pop-metal mode most of the time but on an indie budget. Money would move up the league table in 1988 with their 'In The Red' LP. It would be remiss of Glory Daze not to cover that one off considering we got the ball rolling with this one.


Shoot Fire

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    I have both the versions of the "Trust Me" album on vinyl. I quite like them - but find them a strange band - it's almost as if they can't decide on their sound. Both of those albums to me are a bit of a mixed bag some really good songs some less so. I've not heard "In the Red" I don't think - although I'm certain I downloaded it once.

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