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ARTIST: Alfonzetti
ALBUM: Ready
SERIAL: 0681-19
YEAR: 2000

LINEUP: Matti Alfonzetti - vocals, keyboards * Stefan Bergstrom - guitars * Goran Elmquist - guitars * Bjorn Pahlsson - bass * Jamie Borger - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Blowing Up Detroit * 02 Better Than Goodbye * 03 I'm Ready * 04 Angel * 05 Blue Hero * 06 Out In The Cold * 07 No Way Out * 08 Am I Fooling Myself? * 09 Let Me In * 10 Don't Let Our Love Go Down * 11 In The Groove * 12 Things That Make You Cry


Matti Alfonzetti has had an interesting career, what with sojourns firstly with the Bam Bam Boys, then over to the UK to play with Jagged Edge and Skintrade, and now this effort which sheds a few skins on his melodic rock past.

Now don't get me wrong, this is still melodic rock of the finest sort, but it has a stripped down element to it, and less of the gloss and polish normally associated with the genre.

Matti's singing is quite impassioned, in much the same way that Eric Martin can get his delivery across. Bluesy, soulful, and full of emotive control.

The music has many modern elements but draws upon some influences from way back when. It's the sort of album that can appeal to the diehard AOR fan, or those who straddle the fence and can handle listening to Lenny Kravitz or even Matchbox 20.

The Songs

We get off to an uptempo start with the hard driving 'Blowin' Up Detroit' (not if Ted Nugent can help it!).

Another contender for song of the year would have to be the exceptional 'Better Than Goodbye'. This one squeezes so much feeling into three and a half minutes like a tight pair of jeans.

Not far behind is 'Out In The Cold' which kinda feels like John Cougar Mellancamp doing AOR! In fact, it could be a deadringer for a Jimmy Davis track.

To add confusion to the ranks, there are a couple of Journey flavoured songs here too, like 'In The Groove' and 'Don't Let Our Love Go Down'.

'Things That Make You Cry' has a very dreamy mid-west theme running through it. Not enough to make me want to run through the cornfields, but enough to visualise it. The remainder is catchy, soulful rock.

In Summary

All in all, a real surprise, and a great direction in which Matti is taking his music. It's a mixture for sure, but there are no disappointments here rest assured!

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