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Black Rose (Sweden) - 2018 A Light In The Dark
It's nearly twenty years ago we first took up the cause of Swedish melodic rockers Black Rose. It was indeed a mild fright to see them back in action.
Volster - 2018 Perfect Storm
Volster prove that there is more to Sweden than fluffy poodles and lots of hair styled by Vidal Sassoon!
Maverick - 2018 Cold Star Dancer
The boys from Belfast have gone to a new level with their third album 'Cold Star Dancer'. Superb melodic metal done the Irish way.
Perfect Plan - 2018 All Rise
Perfect Plan could have delivered one of the better albums for 2018 as early as April.
Thundermother - 2018 Thundermother
I have quite a soft spot for these Swedish female rockers. Their last album we reviewed back in 2015 was called 'Road Fever'. As I wrote in my previous article, I'll repeat it again: it's time to 'Discover the Mother!'
Grand Design - 2018 Viva La Paradise
Their Def Leppard style has proved a popular draw, and though the vocals of main-man Pelle Saether might be a bit of an acquired taste, they must be doing something right in their near-decade long career.
Issa - 2018 Run With The Pack
Fans of Issa's previous work will enjoy this too no doubt. Good to see her back though, but whether you are inclined to break out the running shoes and join the pack might be one step too far after listening to this.
Odyssey Desperado - 2018 Don't Miss The Sunset
Odyssey Desperado is a melodic hard rock project started by Odysseas Karapolitis in 2014 in Athens, Greece. It's four years in the making and well worth a shout.
American Tears - 2018 Hard Core
The marketing for this album leading up to its release is very misleading. Quite why Mark Mangold is using the American Tears name when he's the only one participating is a strange case of identity.
Stalker - 2017 Shadow Of The Sword
A rare thing indeed. Heavy metal from the shakey isles of NZ. Stalker evoke the likes of early Slayer, Exciter and Exodus without breaking a sweat.
Finn, Tim - 1983 Escapade
Here's the second of the famous Finn brothers. Neil is well known from his Split Enz and Crowded House feats, but brother Tim is also a tour de force.
Wilde, Kim - 2018 Here Come The Aliens
Kim Wilde is in good form here, and has discovered a recipe that works for her. It's a vampish display, not quite as outrageous as Swedish vixen Erika, but still good enough to capture your senses, whether aural or visual.
McIan, Peter - 1980 Playing Near The Edge
This is Peter McIan's sole record over an extensive musical career as musician, engineer and producer. You'll remember his name from hsi efforts with Men At Work and The City.
Money, Eddie - 1982 No Control
Compared to Eddie's previous albums, I found this one to be well centered in the radio friendly/AOR zone, though it does have its up's and downs.
Money, Eddie - 1980 Playing For Keeps
Without doubt, this is a surprise underrated affair, with a solid Ron Nevison production.

Nugent, Ted - 1978 Weekend Warriors
I'm not a fan of this blokes politics, nor his gun stance affiliated with the NRA. But you can't deny the success he had during the 70's, with 'Weekend Warriors' being one of those stepping stones.

Truth, The - 1989 Jump
Considered a 'closet classic' from 1989 are the British combo The Truth featuring Dennis Greaves. Who am I to disagree?
Autodrive - 1995 Autodrive
Here's the excellent AOR band Autodrive, a Florida outfit who released this goodie back in 1995. If you liked the band Biloxi, you'll love these guys.
Air Pavilion - 1994 Sarrph Cogh
Air Pavilion. A mostly Japanese project headed by guitarist Tak Yonemochi. As I see it, over the course of four albums, Air Pavilion come across as the Japanese equivalent of Phenomena..
Hyde - 1986 Hyde
Hyde produced a solid set of tunes borrowed heavily from fellow L.A'sters Ratt, and at a touch, Germans Bonfire.
Aaron, Lee - 1994 Emotional Rain
This was the last set of songs written by Lee Aaron and then musical cohort John Albani. The material upon closer inspection does hold up, surprisingly well in fact, considering the grunge scene going on all around the world.
Iconic Eye - 2017 Into The Light
For their second album 'Into The Light', Iconic Eye have made sweeping changes, with founder Greg Dean being the sole remaining member. Also, Iconic Eye have moved to a female vocal-led band, changing their dynamic altogether.
Adrenalin - 1983 Don't Be Lookin' Back (Mini LP)
These guys are stalwarts of the Detroit scene. We've written as much about them as possible, but this is where it all started for them, in terms of their professional recording career.
Markin, Johnny - 1991 The Call Home
Very rare Christian melodic rock from (then) UK based Johnny Markin, who originally came out from Canada.
FM (UK) - 2018 Atomic Generation
It looks like being a busy 2018 for British melodic rockers FM. They get the year underway with their eleventh album 'Atomic Generation'.
Anvil - 2018 Pounding The Pavement
Like all the recent Anvil albums, there's a mix of great songs and not so great. It's good that we still keep writing about these guys, and that labels like SPV keep supporting them.

Signal Red - 2018 Under The Radar
Judging by this performance, Signal Red won't be flying under the radar for much longer. Totally recommended to GDM'ers!
Fire Tiger - 2018 Suddenly Heavenly
Fire Tiger are a real recording and performing band which, firmly rooted in the 80's, releasing an album that will appeal to those who enjoy current expressions of the glory days' music with an amusing mix of melodic rock, mainstream pop and AOR.
Bugatti And Musker - 1982 The Dukes
Looking at the line-up, it's easy to think that this is West-Coast Central. Well it's not actually. More blue-eyed soul and R&B I'd say.
Sparks - 2017 Hippopotamus
If your bag is risk-taking but nevertheless elegant, sophisticated pop music then this is definitely for you. 'Hippopotamus' is a delightful record from one of music's truly original acts.

Dead Daisies, The - 2018 Burn It Down
'Burn It Down' is the band's fourth album, and gets officially released next week (April 6th). It features a rollicking set of tunes that will have fans of 70's groove laden rock with modern leanings - salivating with anticipation.
Dukes Of The Orient - 2018 Dukes Of The Orient
It's Asia version.. four or five? Who cares, enjoy it for what it is. A well crafted amalgam of melodic prog and AOR.

Burrows, Andy - 2014 Fall Together Again
So what have we got? Pop album or a rock album? Well a bit of both really, more like a clever songwriters album, wherever it falls it is a compelling listen, and the songs express warmth, hooks and sometimes deeply layered as well as immediate.
Burrows, Andy - 2012 Company
The history of Andy Burrows can be found in my article from his 2014 release, 'Fall Together Again'. This release prcedes this by a couple of years, and is good companion album.
Ammouri - 2018 Dare To Be Happy
I have my doubts that the material on this album will float like balsar unfortunately. Avoid.
White Wizzard - 2018 Infernal Overdrive
The thing with White Wizzard's previous material, was their knack for delivering fun metal excess without taking themselves too seriously. On this one though, there are songs which are very long (8,9 and 11 minute range), which musically, moves them into another realm.

Williams, Wendy O - 1984 W.O.W.
Wendy's first solo release and Gene Simmons's first production experience is an entertaining listen. Even though Wendy/Plasmatics fans complained about the record being too polished, there's a fair amount of heavy rock for them.
Last Great Dreamers - 2018 13th Floor Renegades
This album is very likely to feature highly in my end of year list, no problem. All in all a sumptuous package for an old 70's glam rocker such as myself!
Tower Of Power - 1976 Ain't Nothin' Stoppin' Us Now
Most of their catalog is readily available with the click of a button and 'Ain't Nothin' Stoppin' Us Now' is as good a place as any to start discovering one of the San Francisco Bay area's more interesting groups.

Bow Wow - 1978 Super Live
There is much to discover with 70's Japanese hard rock, and with bands like Murasaki and Bow Wow, we're only just touching the sides.
Crowded House - 1986 Crowded House
They were one of the most successful Australasian bands of the mid-late 80's, membership split between New Zealand and Australia.

Voyager (Australia) - 2017 Ghost Mile
Fanciful prog metal played with a ton of ambience is how best to describe Voyager, and in this sub-genre, they stand head and shoulders above the pack.

Stryper - 2018 God Damn Evil
This is the first album to feature new bassist Perry Richardson and so begins a new chapter in Stryper's long and illustrious career.

Rage (UK) - 1982 Nice N Dirty
With a couple of hot looking ladies on the cover, it was guaranteed to attract attention for British rockers Rage, and so it did; an album with some tough melodic rockers to boot.
Rage (UK) - 1981 Out Of Control
Formed from the 70's rockers Nutz, Rage had their sights set on a melodic landscape. They never quite found it, but they were never lost at sea either.
Lightning Raiders - 2012 Sweet Revenge
This was an unusual release for the reissue label Rock Candy back in 2012. Firstly, Lightning Raiders wasn't really a reissue. The material here is a bunch of recordings from the 1980-1981 period.
Saxon - 2018 Thunderbolt
These guys have been going for forty years, and are another outfit making up the elder statesmen contingent of metallers. Here is their 22nd studio album: 'Thunderbolt'.

Judas Priest - 2018 Firepower
Here is Dangerzone's review of the new JP album 'Firepower'. It just so happened that two reviews of the same album were being written up at the same time.

Judas Priest - 2018 Firepower
Here is Gdazegod's review of the new JP album 'Firepower'.

Mere Mortals - 1987 Immortalized
Some good moments, not entirely consistent, but for melodic rockers and AOR fans, this is certainly worth checking.
Mothers Finest - 1976 Mothers Finest
With this their second album, Mother's Finest were becoming a solid draw throughout the south. Their enduring longevity still sees them out on the road today, and with a bulk of the band still intact. A testament to a fine band.